A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Very early prototype of a base-building game by Free Lives

Congratulations! You have been chosen to start a new life on Proxima Centauri B. You will construct and manage a new resource extraction outpost under the gracious supervision of the Human Mothership. Productive service guarantees citizenship! 

You will have to expand your economy and fortify your defences if you are to survive the huge numbers of the alien swarm. We wish you luck and productivity!


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second-earth-windows-64.zip 407 MB
Version Alpha 9 Oct 08, 2019
second-earth-osx.zip 417 MB
Version Alpha 9 Oct 08, 2019
second-earth-linux-64.zip 445 MB
Version Alpha 9 Oct 08, 2019

Development log


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hi, discovered by chance. would like to give my feedback for now : 


1. I like the story, the way it's told, the starship troopers reminders, the capitalism satyre.

2. graphism match the theme, and the music is simple but effective, sound in general is really nicely done. (may be a little too loud when you are near the shooting)

3. The bugs are cute and sometimes i wish i could keep them as pet. They look awesome when they swarm at you 


1. Love/Hate relationship with the road system. I get all the game revolve around this concept, which is part of the love, but they are extremely tedious to manage. In an advanced future it seems a bit silly to have this one way road system too. Where are the drones for exemple ?

2. Electricity ? Why so many time you have plenty of capacitor full but all of a sudden no electricity available. It's not only weird it's irritating to see your defense line crumble because reason unknown.

3. Power pole. Could use some specific power pole, longer range but less connexion ? because as for roads, for long distance it can really be tedious. And also you can't manage the connexion and sometimes they create extra ones, i like to keep my line clear and it doesn't help.

4. The net worth value of every character is the same (the one you have on hte top right, and those of your coworkers) would be a pretty neat way to tell experience. To allow some "research" or i don't know. 

5. Lack of personnalisation. I would have loved to be able to make a bit of personnalisation/upgrading/research, idk, something than would force you to choose between more firepower or less comsumption or longer range and so on...

All in all excellent game, would give a solid 70/100 may be 80 once the alpha is over and improvement has been made. Continue the good work

Good Evening,

Finished playing through the campaign today and would give the game a solid 6 out of 10. I know the game currently sits in Alpha right now, and there is the content we can not see or access at the moment but would like to give my opinions and see how everyone else feels. 


  1. I like the story of the game, the feel of the map and the controls. I love the "Would you like to know more?" gave a flashback to Starship Troopers. 
  2. Power to humanity keeps coming up when you complete a mission, and defiantly enjoy the vibe that gives to the game. 
  3. The bugs are attractive with a variety of different warriors that you have to adjust your strategy too.  
  4. Clicking on the different NPCs in the area, you can see some different info on them and efficiently helps build a rapport with each one, it sucks when one die because a bug got through your defense. 
  5. A variety of mineral spots located throughout the map gives you a chance to expand and grow your base. Like you are building an actual settlement. 
  6. The buildings do look cool, and there is a lot of movement with some of them, like the Space Port, so they don't just sit there. The NPCs move throughout the farms and mines, so it gives the game life. 


  1. Roads-Hate this system with a passion, kind of wish it was more like Anno, you build the road to the place you need it to, and it will take care of the rest. The game takes place when technology is at its prime and way advance this us, but still, need one-way roads and trucks? 
  2. Resources-Currently only shows minerals for defense and money for civic buildings. I would like to see Food import vs. export type of thing, so I make sure to build enough farms to maintain my current population or need to develop more to expand. 
  3. Power Line Poles- Going back to the roads, feels like this could be cleaner and more organized than what is current, I hate seeing a bunch of wires hanging around, can they go underneath? 
  4. Electricity- There are several ways to produce electricity, but some lake the finesse of an advance civilization. I think the Bio Reactor goes through too much food way to fast; and not one for magma, we have super death ray, but no Magma Reactor? 
  5. Resources Not Consistent-My cash kept jumping around, and I could not figure out why my guys were fed and had enough food but kept jumping around from 250-175-189-200, the same with the minerals. 
  6. Defense structures where cool, I wished the garrison did more, and the people in it were not just regular civilians with their little pistols. Can we recruit some security or military guys to give it a little more of a punch? 
  7. Action-Did feel like a Tower Defense game for a lot of the fighting in the game, think it would be awesome if the creatures did spawn in random different spots, it would force you to make sure your guys were properly defended or maybe actively scanning for their locations. 
  8. Replayability- I like the feel of the game, and where it is going, I love games that I can build what I want and where I want, the freedom is incredible, and the space-age theme this provides is fantastic. Currently, I don't how you could replay the game, though, or how long the current standing would stay fun. Multiplayer would be fun, some corporation vs. corporation, but would need some powerful, aggressive weaponry; maybe a sonar device to lure more creatures to a guys base or security teams to sabotage. The same for single player, building a base and waiting for the spawns of monsters is fun, for about a campaign's worth.  

Anyway, that's just my opinion, again I realize this is Alpha right now, and do like the way the game is going. I appreciate the opportunity to play it and enjoyed what I have got the experience. 

Thank you. 

it looks like a fantastic game i would loooove to play it but im new to linux and im trying install it but it looks like im too noob for this .. is there a step by step guide to install this awsome game plz :( ((i use parrot os currently .. F*** windows10))

Don't know anything about Linux myself. From what I can tell you need to extract the zip and execute the .x86_64 file.

I have downloaded the game and when I start the first mission, I get stuck on the loading screen.

Sorry about this bug!

Can you paste your logfile here please so I can have a look at it? (pastebin.com works well for this)

Mac: ~/Library/Logs/Free Lives/Second Earth/Player.log Windows: C:\Users\username\AppData\LocalLow\Free Lives\Second Earth\Player.log Linux: ~/.config/unity3d/Free Lives/Second Earth/Player.log

Hi Robbie, love the game! I also have the problem with there not being a continue campaign button at the main menu, any fix for this?

Sorry about that! Definitely a bug with the save file!

Can you paste your logfile here please so I can have a look at it? (pastebin.com works well for this)

Mac: ~/Library/Logs/Free Lives/Second Earth/Player.log Windows: C:\Users\username\AppData\LocalLow\Free Lives\Second Earth\Player.log Linux: ~/.config/unity3d/Free Lives/Second Earth/Player.log

I have pasted in pastebin.com

Title: Evvo save

I had a look at this but can't see anything obviously wrong :(

+77 power generation, turrets connected, turrets not able to sustain themselves. I'd like to see or know why this is like this, or what "power generation" actually means.

The more power surplus you have - the faster turrets will charge. In your case, it sounds like +77 isn't enough. Also, remember you can store extra power in capacitors between waves.

The capacitors seem to provide instant power recharge for your turrets, basically just an extension of the turrets own battery charge.  You can't rely on your power generators to get you through a wave, need to have the power stored up ahead of time.


i just created an account to say "wow". i have seen this https://img.itch.zone/aW1hZ2UvMzY3NTA5LzI1MzgxMDEuanBn/original/7igY9i.jpg and i am blown away by the use of Unity Engine if i am not mistaken, and the level of polish and complexity you are doing! amazing. as a software engineer myself i totally get the hard work this needs to be done but also the excitement when something new (feature etc) is ready. I dont know much about how many people are behind this, it look slike more than 1 man army i would say and thats even more crazy. i hope you manage to release this at some point before corona virus kills us all :P but evne if you cant, just your existing work make it into a Tycoon Engine and sell it on Unity Asset store and you will get a LOT of money out of this for sure!

There is still no update on Second Earth, what can we expect in the future and how long will it be until we see new content?


No ETA at the moment.  We're still working on it full time and have been experimenting with some fairly large scale gameplay changes.


Just a word of advice, as a subscriber of your very good product: You should consider seriously advertising your upcoming content so your current subscribers don't give up on waiting for you to finish introducing new gameplay content.
It should also serve as advertisement for more people to try Second Earth while waiting for it to be finished.

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Dont know what "enemy not our enemy" on end mission

Deleted 32 days ago

You can rotate the buildings (when constructing).

Advice: criticize the game once you have learned all the features and functions.

Deleted 32 days ago
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Adept Gaming Absolutely. Anybody know first time to play new things need to pass the tutorial. Or, reject it with pro but need read the control button to basic knowledge. 


Let do it, what can do noob xXThePictureOneXx

This is explained in the first tutorial level, but I guess it wasn't clear enough. Sorry about that.

If anyone else reads this and is wondering: You press tab to rotate buildings (or click and drag left mouse)

Have a oldish laptop with windows 7, when launching it crashes... any ideas on how to make it work? What are the system requirements? I really like this kind of games...

thank in advance!

System Information
Time of this report: 2/28/2020, 19:04:46
       Machine name: JULI-PC
   Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit (6.1, Build 7601) Service Pack 1 (7601.win7sp1_ldr.170913-0600)
           Language: Spanish (Regional Setting: Spanish)
System Manufacturer: TOSHIBA
       System Model: TE5
               BIOS: InsydeH2O Version 03.60.452.60
          Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-2350M CPU @ 2.30GHz (4 CPUs), ~2.3GHz
             Memory: 8192MB RAM
Available OS Memory: 8140MB RAM
          Page File: 2620MB used, 13657MB available
        Windows Dir: C:\Windows
    DirectX Version: DirectX 11
DX Setup Parameters: Not found
   User DPI Setting: Using System DPI
 System DPI Setting: 96 DPI (100 percent)
    DWM DPI Scaling: Disabled
     DxDiag Version: 6.01.7601.17514 64bit Unicode

Sorry about the crash! I can try debug it if you can send me your log file.

Mac: ~/Library/Logs/Free Lives/Second Earth/Player.log
Windows: C:\Users\username\AppData\LocalLow\Free Lives\Second Earth\Player.log
Linux: ~/.config/unity3d/Free Lives/Second Earth/Player.log

You can link it here using pastebin.com or send it to supoport@freelives.net.

Guys, how do I load a campaign I already started?

I played 3 missions, and when I open the game again I only have New Campaign to chose.

That sounds like a bug! The Continue Campaign button should be there :(

ok, and should I do what? download again, and unzip?

I can try debug it if you paste your logfile here please? (pastebin.com works well for this)

Mac: ~/Library/Logs/Free Lives/Second Earth/Player.log
Windows: C:\Users\username\AppData\LocalLow\Free Lives\Second Earth\Player.log
Linux: ~/.config/unity3d/Free Lives/Second Earth/Player.log

There needs to be a way to disable mortars or magma beams.  Often my mortars will empty large amounts of their preciously rare ammo on one stupid alien since they have no idea how to lead their shot.  Even if they are hitting 2 or 3 it is not worth it.  I'd love to have a way to control when they fire so as not to waste materials in between waves.

You can try stagger them so they don't all fire at once. You can also have a forward gun turret or two do deal with the trickles before they get in range of the mortars.


Hey, I found a weird glitch or legacy command or something that broke Campaign mode. I completed my third mission and wanted to give the area a custom name, but when I pressed Shift+U, the screen faded out and acted like I just completed what I guess is the last level, with a score of zero for everything. After naming that region, the map was all unlocked with the other areas called "unamed" [sic]

I guess it's not the worst thing that could have happened, but it's kinda annoying that I'll have to start the campaign from scratch if I want to finish it legitimately.

Also, how long till Sandbox mode is available?


This is a known bug that has been fixed. Shift + U is the cheat shortcut to unlock all the levels. I didn't realise it would also trigger when naming territories :O

Sorry about that!

Working on some big gameplay changes - so no eta on a new version just yet. Working on it full time though!

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My capacitors appear to do nothing.  Super frustrating.  I'm only on the 4th mission and getting my arse handed to me.

This really stands up above the rest. Seriously good job.

Really nice.

Robbie Fraser Awesome game!!!!!! Gj guys, really, I finish the game like 5-6 times already. Plsssssssssssss add the free mode, with unlimited waves(you can use simple logic, for example - aliens will appear every 5 minutes, first wave will be - 30 tier1, 5 tier2, 2 tier3, 0 tier4, and then every 5 mins +10%).

for the first iteration, you can add this mode with static map, or a choice of 2-3 maps (from existing levels).

This already exists in the codebase. Next update will have endless mode, but it might be a while!

Awesome game! As I described it to a friend: A little bit of Anno, a little bit of Factorio, a little bit of Tower Defense, a little bit of Surviving Mars, mixed in with a healthy dose of Starship Troopers.

Graphics are smooth and easy to look at, runs great on Linux Mint 19.1 with an Nvidia GTX 980.

Keep up the good work! Looking forward to future developments.

Hello again Robbie Fraser.

I would like to suggest to you and development - if any others work on second life with you: You should consider recording development sessions for the alpha community who are invested in second earth so we all know how things are coming along, it would also give you a chance to receive feedback on primary development. :)

Hi there! Last year we we're doing streams and some short update videos on our twitter. Maybe we should start with those again soon...


Looks good, but why on earth don't roads auto-connect and auto-rotate on corners? Couldn't figure out how to build roads so stopped playing for now.


Drag the mouse over the end of the existing road. They don't auto-connect because you sometimes want two roads next to each other that aren't connected.


I will try again later today, but honestly, it's confusing. You probably don't want to explain this to every new user :-)

The default should be auto-connect, and then for the edge case you explain how to avoid it.

I found it very intuitive to be honest, maybe some visual highlight is missing when dragging and dropping with the road tool.

I'm impressed! For a prototype, it works incredibly well so far. I have yet to encounter a real bug! It only crashed once when I was changing the resolution.

I really like the love to detail in the story/worldbuilding! Like how your different bosses insult and demean each other... Jeofry :)

How everything is hypercapitalistic and run by companies...  birthcompany?!?! What the heck!

How ones worth is simply their net worth, and so on... Well done!

The game is interesting and demanding aswell.

Thanks foor letting me play for free!


Thanks lucylu! We've recently hired a writer to help out on the story front - we have some pretty grand plans for the story/worldbuilding!

Nice one! Good luck and  have fun!

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I'm i missing some the game keeps telling me to build more capacitors,  but there isn't any in the build icon/resource area.  Please help

Definitely seems like a bug. Is this at the beginning of the first level


Okay I suspect it's just you building a bunch of things the tutorial wasn't expecting and it not knowing what to do. You'll unlock capacitors later on.

Hi there, I came across your game from a YouTube video. I have always love these strategy-based, building, colonisation themed games since the early 2000s. I am downloading it now and definitely will give it a spin and share some of my thoughts. ;)

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Hi team.

I played many games and think your product so cool to play.That the future game and how long are you release it? 

I have some suggesstion, are you can add the edittor mode to game to free ideas. User can build and share the map with others.

Add more model like as wind turbin and expansion the map. Degree the effect to keep game smoothly.

Thanks for the kind words! We're still working on the game, but we don't have a release date planned.

A map editor will come eventually.

To Second Earth's Development Team

Please add a Save/Load feature for the single player campaign. I feel extremely frustrated each mission only lasts at maximum 10-15 minutes, please consider giving us mission objectives 

Also, here is some other feedback.
- - - - -
Criticism: Its the only available processor for Ore. Trips are unreasonably long.
Suggestion: Please Introduce another building that can help process ORE.
- - - - -
Criticism: Extremely overpowered for income (Very easy to get 3k+ gold p/m).
Suggestion: Limit the amount of Hospitals that can be built or deflate the income generated from it.
- - - - -
You should really consider introducing additional features:
- - - - -
Brides: So roads and pipes can be connected across mountains and larva.
- - - - -
Railway & Trains: Fast traveling cargo transport (Railway tunnel through mountain would be nice).
- - - - -
Skirmish mode: (Non campaign maps), single player maps etc.
- - - - -
Spawn Waves: Number of waves should be unlimited for single player unless we accept victory or defeat (Each new wave becomes tougher and tougher!).
- - - - -
It would be good to see attack units for players to build and use in SECOND EARTH. This could potentially become as popular as a new C&C Game if you give us a infantry barracks and/or factory for vehicles and even aircraft.

Thanks for reading this!
Regards, Adept.


Thanks for the feedback! A lot of those ideas are already implemented or planned. eg. saving, endless mode etc.

Eventually a new build will be available!

Any chance you can release a launcher program that can serve to "update" the game?

Also, some cheat codes would be awesome for those who want to mess around on single player (try different stratagems etc).

No chance of a launcher, you'll have to wait for a steam release or something for that.

You can cheat in the current build by pressing shift+tab.

How do you play the game? I doesn't seem to work

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I really enjoy this game my only flaw in this game is the pathing i dont know how many times I have just lost people because they are not getting enough food when my farms are full trucks just not getting there in time and seems to always happen to me when just about to get attacked. I think the roads shouldnt have directional meaning and they can go either way on the road with out trucks running into each other its bad enough when there isnt enough room to build because you need so much room for power and mines not to mention the room for defense especially at the last two levels beat one so far but not the last still been working on that one for a 3 months now. I think if pathing was fixed it would be a little easier or change the resources pickup on the trucks or something like 1 for food for that farm another truck for that farm and to prioritize them to where you went the to stay at because when you connect a lot of roads the trucks just seem to do their own thing and isnt always the best

Thanks for the feedback! I think road directionality is important - but definitely want to make the trucks smarter/less frustrating.

(1 edit)

HAHA, just easy way to fix your problem. Need to know the large area of buildings need more highway to moving. 

With me, I used maximum 3 lanes to move the materials and always use the traffic circle for routing. You alway can pause the game and have the time for construction new buiding. Sometime I do that and make the rest time to enjoy to view attacker.

Do not use more 3 lane, keep your cost for create more house and support building, electric pole can sock the Worm and cheep to construction, maze of wall with zigzag block the worm and bomb, one house need one food production is the best.

And, I was finished all after few days :)))

Seems like capacitors dont work for buildings that do not have a battery capacity and hence even if you have enough capacitors , buildings cant run with a backup set of capacitors when powerlines get cut or when there is a storm , reducing energy production. Back to playing this game after a loooong time. Cant remember if this ever happened. Hope this changes

In the latest (non-public) version of the game, the power networks have been changed so this isn't an issue anymore.


Played the game and it is funny and i rly hope that new maps will be added (or some kind of endless lvl)

But there are a few things that i somewhat disliked or are more a "bug" or "not working as intendet"


Using Energy Poles (The things to connect buildings) are a much STRONGER wall then the normal wall. They stun the enemy if they gets destroyed, they deal dmg and are cheap (at least in the last map) placing a few of them infront of your normal wall is insane strong and makes the stun traps useless. (well the game gets somewhat laggy if u place to much of them)


Both Artillerie towers suffer from diffrent problem.

Tritiumtower more or less never has ammunition left at the start of the real wave, course u always send a few units to attack and they use up most of their ammo.

Toxic Waste tower (Hand of Humanity) suffer from 1 funny problem: Toxic Waste has a Priority to be send to the depo and not to the tower. As long as the Depo still has space the towers get 0 toxic waste to use as ammunition. That sucks^^

Transport Trucks

Funny concept but the "tax collector" for the community center are... lets call them useless? I mean why is there a truck in the first place? There is a BIG community center in the center, shoudnt they collect taxes or take money for food? I find them annoying. But finding and building nice road connections for your industrie is fun :)

Hospital/Oxygen/Toxic waste

The Hospital is WAY to strong. they do what? trippel the income? the Oxygen thing to get more workers is somewhat underperforming. The range feels pretty low but i endet up using 1 of them on the last map course i was running out of space so they are working i guess.

Toxic waste -> Besides the Hand of Humanity there are no other ways to handel the toxic waste why cant we well just dump it into the magma^^ No investment will be lost and who cares for nature. (Storing them in a depo is working course the maps are short but on a longer/biger map? not so much)

Tower balance

In the last map i more or less endet up only using the turrets, 2 Hand of Humanity and 2 Towers (those that increase the range by 50%). Used 3x strong wall with a 4x strong Energy pillar wall in front of it. The AoE dmg from the turrets just outperforme the other towers (At least as long as u can handel the Power Consumation) but hey ~100k Batterie and ~850 Income can handle a lot xD

But all in all i was having fun playing the game :)

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Don't hate on the tax collecting truck! Trucks actually deal damage when they run over bugs (it's hilarious to watch), and that tax truck ensures you get cash on the regular instead of a time sequenced payout.

Thanks for the feedback! I agree with almost all of your points actually. Glad you had a good time :)

Could you design an icon for the game? It's a really great game, but it would look better with its own icon. Thanks

Well I've beaten all but the last two levels (which I played and lost multiple times) and I have a couple suggestions/ideas.

1) Difficulties. Easy mode would have less aliens, hard mode would give them more health... it would make beating the game easier, and give it a replay ability.

2) Achievements. Like suggestion #1, it would give replay ability. Achievements are fun.

3) Upgrade tree. Like xodarap777 said, Second Earth feels like a puzzle game. Adding an upgrade tree, where each upgrade opens a new branch of upgrades and closes another, would add greater customization and let strategies evolve as the game progresses.

4) Sandbox and survival modes. I personally love sandbox modes, because it lets me see what the game is really capable of. And survival modes, where you're faced with an infinite amount of increasingly harder waves is also pretty cool.

5) Flying units. Regular turrets are pretty much useless in late-game rounds. Something that can only be targeted by them would balance it out.

6) Variants of the basic turret. Again, basic turrets get obsolete as the level progresses. They're useless against swarms, and don't have the dps to kill stronger aliens. And they're too inaccurate to kill kamikazes. A machine gun turret would make for better crowd control while a sniper could pick off kamikazes and kill tanks.

7) More/better traps. Stun pads are useless. Because they only stun one enemy, they're no good against swarms. And tanks (the aliens you really want to stun) only ever appear in swarms. Mines would be useful.

8) Mine boosters. Just like you can boost community centers and farms, you should be able to boost mines.

Yeah this is long, but Second Earth is a really great game. It's got a ton of potential and is pretty much the only game of its genre, so i really want to see it on Steam in a few months.

Ahhhh thanks for the lovely feedback Bochinator! We have a lot of plans that are similar to what you're describing :)

NICE! I understood the Starshiptroopers reference! 

Game pauses in 2nd colony right before enemy attack and it won't unpause! I don't know where else to post this issue, Sorry if it's the wrong place. I've tried the space bar, The + and - keys, the esc key, and even unplugged unused USB devices and shut down background programs and still no luck getting it to unpause. Is there a way to disable the tutorial and just  play on my own? I have a feeling that it's something in  the tutorial freezing it up.

Arg! People keep reporting this but I haven't been able to reproduce it. My best advice would be to press shift+tab and cheat past the broken tutorial. Sorry!

Im sorry to tel you this. but im having the same problem. 
U can count me in to buy the game anyway i really like it!

Am I able to play this game yet? have been trying to download but will not work on my HP laptop...suggestions?

Hrmmm. What happens? Is the game crashing? Is it not starting at all?

This game has immense potential and is high on my radar for the future.  However, the current state feels less like a functional alpha of a full game than a proof of concept and demo of ideas.  There's no window for fun (as it currently stands), though there always feels like a promise of it.  Everything is either way too easy or way too hard with no player options or creative wiggle room.  In other words: It's not really Tower Defense from a strategic or creative point of view; it's more like a timed puzzle game with TD elements.  Every wave, I feel like I either jumped the predetermined hurdles in the right order at the right time - and in no way feel "connected" to my setup or invested personally in it - or I didn't.  When I didn't, I don't feel like it's my fault, either.  Either way, I feel like the game set me up one way or the other, and I either decimate them or they decimate me, and it feels like I'm watching someone else's game because I didn't creatively set up my own TD system.

This is likely mostly a matter of tuning and creative latitude (e.g. more towers, more economic choices, upgrades, etc.)  TD suffers when there's a predetermined "right answer" and "wrong answer;" that's not strategic, it's a puzzle.  That can be fun, too, at least for some, but I don't think this game sets itself up for that.

More towers, tower upgrades, and the "wiggle room" allowance for creative solutions outside the campaign expectations would all go a long way.  Longer levels that allow for real "city building" would also be great.  Specific difficulty modifiers like "allow pause-building during waves" would also help for those of us with particular abilities.

Thanks for the feedback xodarap777! This is very much a prototype and not a vertical slice, so I wouldn't consider the core loop to be done at all.

A lot of what you're talking about is stuff we've been trying to figure out from day 1. We want the game to be more city-builder-like and we're still exploring the right mechanics and systems to get the experience we imagine.

As for the game feeling puzzley. That's just a consequence of having a high difficulty level. Which is something some players really love. It's tricky to balance, but I really wanna add some different ways to play the game.

I don't think we'll do pausing during waves, but I want more customisable difficulty in some form.

Saw an youtube video about this game. I like it.
Devs, if you don't mind, please, answer two question:
1. What version of Unity do you use?
2. Do you use DOTS/ECS stack?

1. Current version is 2019.2

2. Not yet. We're looking into it - but not sure it'll be worth it considering the effort required.


I was just wondering when the next update would be?

I think that this is amazing but I think that the game should have a survival  mode where u can keep playing on a large map that doesn't end. that the only thing that I think is holding the game back but if this was in the game then I would 100% be plain the game more.

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