A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Very early prototype of a base-building game by Free Lives

Congratulations! You have been chosen to start a new life on Proxima Centauri B. You will construct and manage a new resource extraction outpost under the gracious supervision of the Human Mothership. Productive service guarantees citizenship! 

You will have to expand your economy and fortify your defences if you are to survive the huge numbers of the alien swarm. We wish you luck and productivity!


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Second Earth Windows a5 324 MB
Second Earth OSX a5 (Untested) 327 MB
Second Earth Linux a5 (Untested) 333 MB

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Any updates for this amazing game? The final challenge has become too easy :/ 

i cant download it

it said intergrity fail

how can i dowload it 

on my new MacBook when I opened the game it  turned all White except for the bottom left corner 

hi, how does one rotate a building?

Rotating buildings currently isn't possible. (Afaik it was intentional, because it leads to having to plan road networks better, but it's not intuitive and we're open to changing that.)

When I open the game on my MacBook 2018 the screen just go all white...

wanted to give this  a try but download says cant find anything to download

same for me

Which platform do you want to play it on? I can give you a Dropbox link if the download links aren't appearing on Itch.

This should be fixed now. Sorry!

This should be fixed now! Really sorry!


Super glad you had fun! Was worried that you'd lose that second level, but you just made it!

What are the minimum requirements for this game? I have a computer from late 2009.

The game is a bit of a beast in terms of CPU requirements and GPU requirements. Second Earth won't work without a Direct X 11 graphics card, because we rely on Mesh Instancing on the GPU to render so many bugs.


I figured I would ask.

You guys should make an optimised version, the same game, just not as high graphics.

This game looks great! Keep up the good work.

I cant get passed lvl 2 the 2nd hored of aliens just demolished my wall and all my towers help  me pls

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Oh No!!!

The lesson lvl 2 is trying to teach is that you should build lots and lots of solar panels. You can beat the level pretty much just building the free towers and then 100% solar panels.


I like the game so far, looking forward to future updates :)

Hello, I would like to ask you how you are doing such good games. I'm learning unity and c# but I don't know if it's the best way to start it.

I wanted to message you but I didn't find out.

Your work is so cool!

i like my profile ;) don't check it out...

i also like the game as much as my profile :)

I've been had

I seem to have fallen for a trick.

minimum requirementsa?

The game uses extensive use of mesh instancing, which requires a DX11-level graphics card.

(It may run on other graphics cards, but is likely to be very slow.)

Absolutely loving this, really happy to see a Linux build so early on!

Very interested to watch this continue development :)



i try to install and get "No compatible uploads were found for this title".


What are you trying to install? There is not install for Windows, and I don't think there should be one for Mac and Linux.


I think the issue is that none of the downloads have been tagged with their respective operating system, making them un-installlable through the client.

THANKS CYBOLLIC!  Yeah, that probably was the case! Thanks!

I just beat the game after struggerling on the second mission but i found a really cheap and easy strat to help me win that i haven't seen anyone use Try using pylons as a wall give it a go it will change your life.


Haha!  That's not how we intended pylons to be used :P

Did you beat the entire game and found that the second mission was the most difficult?

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yes that is how i found it, it probably was because that mission helps you decide how you want to play the game, but still it was brilliant and i look forward to more of you're hard work thank you.

you should add an endless defense mode

This is an excellent idea!

The final mission is fun, but I could easily go 20 + rounds.

Maybe an increase in alien damage as well.

increase in alien damage sounds good but also new aliens is a must if the game is going to expand

As an owner of Broforce, Genital Jousting and Gorn, I am rlly excited to play this game. Downloading it right now, and love everything you guys put out. I really wish there was a way we could financial support you guys, but overall I am glad to see your growth as a company, from a hobby to a living haha. Thanks for putting this out <3


Ahh, it love me a good game of--er- genital jousting?

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I'm really stuck on the 6th mission, there are too many aliens, i tried several ways to pass it but it seems impossible...  Is it just me ?

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No, that others have reported that mission being extra difficult as well. We'll probably make that mission simpler or come later in the campaign.

On that level the houses and farms that you start with aren't really adequate for the economy you need. You need to start with building an extra community center and an extra greenhouse and farms (at least). If you have lots of credits you'll be able to build lots of mines and enhance those mines and build plenty of trucks (as the mines are all pretty far away). You'll need a lot of ore to defend on four fronts.

The way I approach defending that level is to use the pheremone traps to get the aliens to cluster near a few places on the map, and then only defend those spots, not even building walls elsewhere where the aliens won't come. And I use the resources I save from not defending everywhere to build extra thumpers (which slow down the aliens a lot). Of course you need a fair bit of power to run the thumpers, I'd recommed getting at least 2 tritium reactors.

The most recent build I think did make that level a little easier, I'm not certain exactly which build you're using.

Coconut Mouse beat the level like this (in an older build):

Don't know if that's what you're struggling with though?

Well, i finally did it. Yes, you are right, building farms helps a lot. The big problem is electricity, it's for me the only problem in this game. I need at least 700k+ to win my games, i got the same problem for mission 7.

Under 700k, turrets fire 2-3 times and they're out of energy. With thumpers, pheromones and tesla towers, my god all of these tritium reactors and solar panels are useless...

Batteries helps, but they can't reload enough energy to continue firing for all of these DAMN ALIENS :p Really, i enjoy this game, it's super fun. It's the only disadvantage for me.

Also, i see in the video that farms aren't the same as mines, i got the brown ones. Is there a difference ?

P.S: It's also frustrating when a sandstorm appears when the final wave come.... XD 

You're playing a newer version of the game where the farms look different (and better in my opinion).

On the later missions if you can charge like 10 capacitors you should be able to hold off the aliens with 200-300 surplus power. Tesla turrets and especially mortar turrets are very energy efficient.

This game is really good. Keep it up guys! 

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i have finished all of them. this is the playlist


can this playlist get in your homepage? :)

now i have new purpose of visiting this site of alpha 0.4




good rts i like it! challenging enough but not too hard. time between waves should be a bit longer 

I agree, also selection for # of waves or difficulty of opponent would be nice to appeal to various skill levels.

next level walkthrough Adversity Is Opportunity

and some next losing part

and win part of level 8 furnace your foe

Do the creators have a patreon?

We don't! If you want to support us, just being excited about the game and telling us about it is very motivating. Also if you've got friends that you think would enjoy it, telling them about it.

You can also check out Free Lives's previous games on Steam (though developed by different team members): Broforce, Genital Jousting and Gorn.

I see, well if you guys have venmo or something I would love to support this game.!!!


rising phoenix

hey, could you provide a linux build?

I'll make sure that there's a Linux build in the next update (though it'll be untested).

Please include an option to increase number of waves!

thank you

Awesome, I hope all the success!!

featuring the level of Tritium Future

and Against All Odds

This game is awesome!

Is there any way to keep playing after the total rounds ends? 

I am addicted. 

you got a new friends my friend :D

im hook

There isn't at the moment, but an endless mode does sound pretty great!

Please please please please please please please,

Pretty please

This game is awesome!

Is there any way to keep playing after the total rounds ends? 

I am addicted. 

here you go

the next level

level 2 man :)

btw, my batery wont fill up. do i make it wrong?

Definitely looks like a bug. Sorry about that!

its okay :)

btw. I finished all of them now :) will post my playlist here and some gif for you

Also dont forget to recruit your friend 

Really nice game! Only played the first level so far but it is very intuitive and looks like it has heaps of potentional.

Really fun, beautiful looking game! I only had time to play the first level because I wasn't quite getting how the energy economy was working (wasn't quite understanding that even if I have surplus, the surplus affects how fast things charge). Definitely going to be playing more of this game! Hope you enjoy the video! 

i creating a list of playthrough for each level (but all of them is my first playthrough XD)

level 1 :)

Looking forward to seeing you beating them all!

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