Alpha 9: UI overhaul, World Map and new bugs!

Alpha 9 is finally ready (as ready as it will ever be) for release! Whilst there are some substantial game-play changes, for the last few months we've been laying some important ground work and working on a lot of the smaller things that start to make the game feel like a more complete experience and less of a prototype. Please enjoy it and let us know if you have any feedback!

Big features and changes:

  • New bugs - Two new bugs have been added and all of the enemy art has been remade from scratch. 
  • UI overhaul - The UI has been completely redesigned, polished and expanded.
  • Tutorials - The first two missions of the game now feature more fleshed out tutorial systems.
  • World map - A world map with a meta-game has been added. It's fairly bare-bones right now, but we have big plans!
  • Worker population system - Buildings now require workers to operate. Workers will move into houses if you meet their needs.
  • Pausing - The game no longer pauses after each wave. You can instead pause whenever you like, as long as there is not a wave currently attacking.
  • New auto-construction system - The way you build farms, houses and mines has been streamlined (and hopefully made more interesting).


  • New enemy: Brute bug.
  • New enemy: Exploder bug.
  • New tutorial system with two tutorial levels.
  • Pipe system: an alternate way to transport certain commodities.
  • New campaign saving backend.
  • Dead ends now show a warning icon.
  • World map and metagame systems
  • New scene metadata recording system.
  • New game settings backend.
  • Loading screen and transitions.
  • Roads now show flow visualisations when the road tool is selected.
  • New worker population system.
  • A shuttle now occasionally lands at the Star Port.
  • New alert system to warn the player when they.
  • New selection system - Allows you to click on objects and see more information.
  • Bugs can now spawn off the edge of the map.
  • New commodity: Toxic waste
  • New building: Hospital
  • New building: Oxygen Scrubber
  • New building: Fertilizer Plant
  • New building: Waste Dump
  • New building: Fist of Humanity
  • New automatic construction system for influence providers.
  • Farms are now automatically placed around Green Houses.
  • Houses are now automatically placed around Community Centers.
  • Quarries are now automatically placed around Mining Camps.
  • Options menu (with working options).
  • New pause menu.
  • New music track and stings.
  • Exciting new infomercial cut-scene.
  • UI now shows production rates.
  • Building previews now have arrows at road entrances.
  • New main menu.
  • Rent trucks that spawn at community centers and collect rent from houses.


  • Many bug fixes and balance changes.
  • Magma is now transported via pipes and not trucks.
  • Tritium Laser is once again called Tritium Drill.
  • Improved building icon rendering.
  • Complete UI overhaul
  • Changes to all currency and commodity icons and colours
  • Game can now be paused at any point (except during an attack).
  • Terraforming has been optimized (it is still very slow).
  • Terraformers are now required to be built in range of a Fertilizer Plant.
  • Command Towers now increase the range of towers rather than decreasing power consumption.
  • Refactor of truck movement - traffic jams now possible.
  • Trucks can now pick up partial loads from producers on their route.
  • Some influences are now blocked by roads and walls.
  • Scraggle weeds and Nutricrops have been replaced by a single crop.
  • Gun Turrets now have citizens manning them.
  • Power cables now swing in the breeze.
  • Batteries don’t show empty warnings if they’ve never been charged.
  • You can no longer build on top of nests or right next to cliffs.
  • Removed several levels (don’t worry, they'll be back!)
  • Removed several buildings (don’t worry, some of them will be back!)
  • Removed grass flattening (this is a temporary solution until we can properly optimize it)

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Version Alpha 9 Sep 30, 2019

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My game does not want to open, where can i submit logs?

(1 edit) (+1)

Don't put time on building I don't like time building games that is what ruins many awesome games Everyone would agree if you have to wait 5min to 5 days for things to build just a comment trying to play this game. 


Would be awesome if the military (garrison units) would have some
digital camo or just black/dark grey color they would look more badass. I like your work.
ps: Is there a reason why you did not include some "build time" for the buildings? It feels a little cheaty when I spam walls XD

Agree. it looks Cheaty and Un-Natural.

But, No, Don't add "Construction Time" on each building 

Because, it cost much for a programmer.

[idea] Just give the Game

{a 1 second "Global Cool Down Time" for all buildings}.

and 2 seconds for "Military" buildings. 

So you can't spamm wall.

E.g. if you build 4 length wall, 

you need to wait for 8 (2x4)  seconds

to build a next Military building.

Out of curiosity is there a way I can throw money at you? 

Aw shucks! You can buy the game when it eventually becomes a sell-able thing.

What sort of price do you think you would market it for? 

I think we'd like to make it into a 20$ (or so) steam game eventually.

"New alert system to warn the player when they."

They what?  ;)