Alpha 8: Advertrucks and UI

Small update with mostly fixes and some quality of life UI stuff. The main thing we wanted roll out is some analytics reporting. All we’re recording is some progression metrics. Eg. which levels you’ve completed, what buildings you favour building etc. This is just to get an idea of what the difficulty curve is like and where we’re losing players. This’ll help us confirm where the bad / confusing levels are so we can change them.

  • Added: Analytics reporting.
  • Added: Status icons now have tooltips explaining the problem.
  • Added: Free buildings will now be highlighted in the UI until you mouse over them.
  • Added: Cost previews when placing buildings.
  • Added: UI now neatly slides in and out of view when not needed
  • Added: New cheat buttons in the debug menu (shift + tab)
  • Added: Slow panning if you hold left control key.
  • Added: Production buildings that have no more capacity will now show a warning icon.
  • Added: Level end now pauses more dramatically and has better text.
  • Changed: Magma beam looks a little different.
  • Changed: Balances changes to final level, added lava. It is quite hard now.
  • Changed: Better looking advertrucks. Advertrucks earn more.
  • Changed: Re-balancing of crops on early levels to compensate for less productive community centers.
  • Changed: Community center now has a flatter top with a landing pad.
  • Fixed: Trees no longer grow instantly
  • Fixed: Radar dishes no longer sit in a pool of shiny green goo.
  • Fixed: Order of execution bug that would cause tutorial markers to nullref
  • Fixed: Probes no longer show when the Space Port hasn’t yet been placed.
  • Fixed: Power connections would sometimes show in the UI even when they aren’t actually in range.
  • Fixed: You can no longer connect pylons through cliffs.

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Version Alpha 8 Jun 12, 2019

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