New build! Lasers and a new enemy!

Our biggest update yet, a new build has stomped in, bringing with it a large, armoured enemy type, and new ways to exterminate errant wildlife. Carve through cliffs with Tritium Lasers and harness magma offensively with Magma Beams. We've added many more uninhabited* territories -- more missions means more profits!

Headline features:

  • Rotatable buildings!
  • New enemy: Large Bug - Slow, but heavily armoured and resistant to bullets. Will wreck things.
  • New building: Tritium Laser - Fires a laser beam that can mine through cliff walls and melt through bug armour.
  • New building: Reflector - Cheap tower that can be chained together to extend the range of a Tritium Laser
  • New building: Magma Beam - Fires a deadly plasma beam in a straight line
  • New building: Magma Extractor - Extracts magma from lava pits for transportation
  • New building: Advertising Truck Garage - Produces a truck that will drive around and monetize your houses
  • New mission: Harder they fall
  • New mission: Whatever the cost
  • New mission: Breaking barriers
  • New mission: A chance to shine
  • New mission: Pathway to success
  • New mission: Choice is a luxury

Notable changes:

  • Added camera shake
  • Game now features a second music track
  • Ore Mines are now split into Quarries and Mining Camps
  • Building tooltips now show resource consumption and production
  • Mission select screen now has a tooltip with mission information
  • Mortars have a new aiming system
  • Nests now have a visible mesh in the world
  • New render quality settings (Low, Medium, High)
  • Road and Pylon tools are now always visible
  • Roads, Pylons and Delete all now have shortcut keys ([R], [P] and [Delete] respectively)
  • Some cliffs now have ore deposits in them
  • Thumpers and Shock pads are now properly affected by Command Towers
  • Truck drivers are now smarter (they are still pretty stupid)
  • Trucks can now crush bugs
  • Wave countdown now displays a tooltip with wave breakdown information
  • You can now choose where to place the Star Port on some missions
  • You can now click and drag on the minimap
  • Removed oxygen system
  • Numerous balance changes

Other things:

  • Early missions now show a warning if you do not have enough power generation
  • Added a grid to the ground when placing buildings
  • Background is now blurred when in the pause screen
  • Building icons have better lighting
  • Building status icons now have more visible colours and bob up and down
  • Capacitor battery level is visible on the building itself
  • Fire FX visuals are less candle, and more inferno
  • Fixed a bug where citizens would not play animations on walkways
  • Fixed bug where drag tools would click on buttons
  • Fixed bug where tutorial markers would lose their text
  • Fixed camera movement not being frame-rate independent
  • Tutorial markers now look twice as expensive, but you still get them for free!
  • Desert dust fades out at the edges of the map
  • Grass meshes now have a far LOD
  • New Garage design (includes fully functioning door)
  • Improved Solar Panel textures
  • Optimized hanging cables
  • Replaced many of the bad icons with slightly better ones
  • Slightly better bug movement and animation
  • Terraformer now has tiny lights and ring hovers subtly
  • Terrain now supports U shaped cliffs
  • Tooltips now support sprites
  • Various draw call optimizations
  • Various tutorial changes


Second_Earth_Win_a6 335 MB
Version 2 May 24, 2019 417 MB
Version 2 May 24, 2019
Second_Earth_Linux_a6 346 MB
Version 2 May 24, 2019

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