New build! Push bugs into lava!

Alpha version 0.3 is now available! This was mostly a visual update, so you'll notice the game looks and feels a whole lot better now. And a lot less brown. Big thanks to Jonathan for all his help on the visuals. There's a new level and few sweet gameplay additions too.

Full changelog:

  • Added lava that aliens can fall into.
  • Added new level: "Furnace for you foe".
  • Full refactor of citizen and enemy AI systems.
  • Replaced Outpost with Garrison.
  • New walkway system. Citizens will now patrol walkways and shoot bugs.
  • New wall visuals.
  • New materials and lighting for basically everything.
  • Changed from gamma colour-space to linear.
  • New fog system.
  • New citizen spawning system.
  • New GPU skinning system for aliens.
  • Improved navigation probes.
  • New Tesla Tower effects, lightning chains and sounds.
  • Some towers now have a flat power usage as well as a battery.
  • Reworking of power network system.
  • Optimisations to terrain tile placement.
  • New citizen shooting effects.
  • Press space to start next wave.
  • Probes only appear when building.
  • Added pause menu with controls.
  • New thumper effects.
  • Improved siren effects.
  • Added some extra camera controls.
  • New environment management system.
  • Level select screen looks slight worse.
  • New bullet tracer effects.
  • New sandstorm effects.
  • New pheremone effects.
  • Changed maximum camera tilt.
  • New ground cables.
  • Splatter effects now using depth testing shader.
  • Bug fixes.
  • Balance changes.
  • Probably other things...


Second 284 MB
Feb 26, 2019
Second (Untested) 287 MB
Feb 26, 2019

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