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That's something we'd love to do, but it's not something we'll be adding in the immediate future. (It's a lot of work!)

for some reason im having trouble connecting roads. whenever i make one there's a stop sign on it, regardless of how many i connect or what i connect them to. probably a simple user error but it made it difficult to progress.

love the game though! it looks really nice and plays easily. great work guys!

Thank you for giving it a go! A road shows the stop sign when it's a dead end. To make a road connect to another road, you have to end the road (i.e. release your mouse button) on the same tile as an existing road. If you still struggle, maybe some of the Let's Play videos linked below can help you see it in action?

Hi guys! You've done a great job developing this game, I just love those kind of games where you have to build some defenses to protect your base. It took me a little while to understand that you have to built a lots of solar panels and capacitors to have enough energy to defend yourself against those aliens ahah! Overall I've had a great time playing this game! 

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THis game so good i liek. Why is shrek not in game

Awesome game, cool graphics, easy to learn, no bugs. GRATZ!!!
Recommended 10/10

seems great! but i tried to play it on linux (ubuntu) with wine and it just shows a black screen with music :( could make linux build?


Erk! Next time we make a build, I'll try make a Linux one, though it will be untested.

thank you :) I'll try it out!

Is there a way to rotate buildings?

There currently isn't. It's by design, in that it makes it more harder/more interesting to have to plan how your roads should be placed, and allows you to see all of the building entrances without having to rotate your camera all the time, but it's something we can revisit if a lot of people feel strongly otherwise!

Yeah, please let us rotate buildings. It just makes things harder, but not in a good way.

This game reminds me of starcraft + Command and Conquer and traditional tower defence games. While I do think the concept for this is pretty good, I did have issues with some of the mechanics in the game. The main one being the randomness of the sandstorms. They would hit whenever they wanted to which greatly impacted the gameplay of this game. There would be no power which meant you couldn't defend you base properly and you would end up loosing all because of the random sandstorms. I think these need balancing so that they are not suxh a hinderence to the game or taken out completely. If it was more of a real time strategy game then maybe sandstorms wouldn't be much of a problem in the game because you could constantly be gettimg more resouces to upgrade your base to combat the sandstorms effect but this isn't the case.

Also, there needs to be a tutorial. While I myself hate tutorials, you should at least give the player the option to play one. Especially because of the management aspect to this game. While I disagree with a tutorial being a mandatory part of the game, it should still be an option for the player.

Lastly, there is no 1080p option in the menu so we have to play it at 720p. 

Apart from those things, the game plays pretty solid and how you would expect it to. There is still work to be done here before its really ready to be released fully but you are on the right tracks to creating an awesome real time tower defence management game.

Heres a video for you to enjoy. 

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There definitely should be a 1080p option (because that's how we run it here). Are you sure you had Full Screen selected instead of Windowed? I believe Unity gives you a different set of resolutions (that are smaller than your native one) if you're on Windowed.

I didn't implement the sandstorm code, but I believe that they're not actually random (they'll appear at the same timing each time you play a level). We could definitely do a better job of informing the player about this though, whether through some kind of weather forecasting or something so that you have some time to prepare for them. Thank you for playing! :)

I had the game on fullscreen mode and not windowed and there still was no 1080p option for me. Also, in my playthough of the game, they did seem random but that might be because I had not played the level. Some kind of indication or warning would be a good thought for the game. Also, just a thought now but maybe add some kind of indication of how many enemies will spawn. The reason tower defence games do so great is because that most offer a linear path for the enemies to come from and split these paths off in later stages. I like the more freeflow you are aiming for but an indication of how many enemies will spawn would be nice. Also, maybe some kind of reward for defeating a wave would be nice like additional ore or currency depending on the level. Again, this game is a long way from being a complete game and there are always things you can add and take away to make the game amazing. These are just a few idea. I hope everything goes well for you and your studio.

not hard to figure out though an actual tutorial would be nice. ither than that i liked it. 

i haven't even played it why am i typing this

Amazing game! Defense theme and graphics, awesome. Power/resource management concept, not so much. Let's keep the Tiberian-Sun-ness and lose the ZeusII-ness!

Good game. But the levels are a little hard... this would be fine if there was a at least small tutorial. But a solid 7/10

this needs to be at the top in the list of games!! man this is soooo good!! :D i love the whole defending idea with big swarms of aliens! awesome job on making this game :D 

Wow! Great video - thanks for playing! You catch on really quick, you should play through the other levels.

I like this game but thing that the levels are too hard...

and this is just an prototype. wow i love it


Much like the classic game Starcraft, Second Earth focuses heavily on gathering resources while fighting off waves of enemies. The game gets progressively harder as it continues yet every level can be beaten a myriad of different ways. The freedom of development later in the games gives it fantastic replayability. I am personally interested in what the future builds may hold.

Love the game very fun

Free? Free, Free, Free? :D Looks awesome, can't wait to try it out!

Always no discord for your games ? :)))

We're starting one really soon! Like, this week!

contact me when u have the discord please ! I like your games !

It's finally live!

Link is broken

The mechanic is interseting, but destroy the same kind of enemy again and again really bored me, perhaps add more kinds of enemys?

Yeah. We're doing a little bit of an experimentation phase at the moment. But different types of enemies are high on our list!

great game and really fun

I found the gameplay to be really challenging, but part of the reason why might be because I had no clue what I was doing. I'm still not a hundred percent sure how I was supposed to mine more ore...

Regardless, I enjoyed it and would appreciate a sub!

Wow! Thanks for playing and making a video! You gotta build more solar panels and capacitors, all your batteries went flat!

Ah, I see. Thanks.

it looks really nice based on the picture. adding some gif and vid'll give this page a boost :D

Testing the Second Earth Mac OS! Going to tell after playin'


I love this game! It is very interesting and has pretty good mechanics.

Are you going to add some maps for surviving as long as possible? Also adding an editor would help to make this game awesome!

Thanks for playing!

Map editor and survival / sandbox modes is definitely something we'd like to do in the future. A lot of tower defense games do a thing where after you beat a level you can keep playing in a highscore survival mode. Maybe we should do something like that?

That is a very good idea. Last two levels are just what I wanted on this game, but didn't manage to use all possible resources at 100%, so I was a bit upset on that. Adding a possibility to move forward even more will help much :) .

But please consider CPU usage. Unity engine is quite CPU-intensive, adding thousands of enemies spawned at once can kill even best processors. Or maybe you're using some nice optimization?

Yeah, there's definitely a lot of work that needs to go into optimizing the CPU usage. It's not a priority at the moment, but definitely something we're aware of. Gotta find ways to get more bugs on-screen! 

Cool game, a bit confusing at the start but pretty interesting when you got basics mechanics of the game, good job!

Thanks for playing! Anything in particular you got stuck on at the start? We'd like to improve the tutorialization / on-boarding if we can.


This looks pretty awesome, could we get Linux support? Would love to take a look at review it when it's further developed for GamingOnLinux.

Love the game, keep pressing Esc to cancel stuff, end up exiting =) i'm so stupid =)

Oh no! Is that in-game? Escape is supposed to pause.

In house engine or one of the well known? I will play soon!

It's all Unity.

Nice game

Could you maybe make it 32bit aswell please?

Quite a few people are reporting crashes. Sorry about this! If the game crashes can you please send me your output log (or post a link to it here). Logs can be found at Users\UserName\AppData\LocalLow\Free Lives\Second Earth\output_log.txt

Et voila :)

Concept très intéressant pour un tower defence ! Facile à prendre en main avec de nombreuses façons d'optimiser, j'aime beaucoup ! J'arrive très rarement à finir une partie sans crash (100% de mes parties on crash aujourd'hui) mais ce jeu reste une belle promesse, merci :)

Thanks for playing. Sorry about the crashes - we'll try fix them! (Merci d'avoir joué. Désolé pour les crash - nous allons essayer de les réparer!)

Very good for me it only need more optimisations 90 out of 100.

Thanks for playing! Future versions will hopefully be more optimized and have more aliens!

Se jeux est superbe meme galerer a l installer mais sinon s est cool.

Merci, nous sommes heureux que vous ayez apprécié!

Hello, Discord for this game ? :)

Hey there! We're in the process of setting up our Discord - should be up soon! In the mean time follow us on Twitter or Twitch - we've been streaming some development of the game recently.

Hey, I got trouble after 20-30 playing I get crash the engine it's showing up error and crashed. Will you add fix?

Great game. Great concept, but I have to criticize you on the controls. It's not unbearable, but i just wish I could change them :)

Looks cool, enjoyed the first wave but it froze both times i played it (sad face)

Oh no! Anything specific seem to cause this? Or just random?

Not really, just tried again at a lower resolution / graphics quality and had same problem.  Its at a different point each time but never during the build phase, always during the first attack

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