Alpha 7: Pheromones actually work now?

A small-ish update, but still packing some neat stuff and fixing some nasty bugs. The major changes are:

  • Large re-balance of the Tritium Drill, it should be much for fun and viable to drill large areas now.
  • Improved tutorials and UI relating to battery mechanics. Hopefully people will stop getting stuck on level 2.
  • Pheromones are now much more effective and you can finally lead bugs astray to your heart's content.

Full change-log below:

  • Added: All producers show a pop-up when something is earned
  • Added: Tutorials earn credits when read for the first time
  • Added: Tutorials now pulse when unread
  • Added: Tools can now be deselected by clicking on them or pressing ESC
  • Added: Revamped power surplus and battery indicators to be more useful
  • Added: Pheromone sites actually work well now!
  • Changed: Against All Odds has be reworked to match the improved Pheromone Sites
  • Changed: Reworked Generate Your Tomorrow to be more reasonable and hopefully teach the mechanics better
  • Changed: Tritium Laser fires quicker and uses less Tritium
  • Changed: Reflectors are cheaper and have less range
  • Changed: Less time between waves on Whatever The Cost
  • Changed: Advertrucks earn more credits and are more viable
  • Changed: Large bugs are more stun resistant
  • Changed: Replaced Pathway to Success with No Room For Failure (hopefully it’s better)
  • Changed: Recyclers are cheaper
  • Changed: Mortars have a smaller explosion radius
  • Changed: Community Centres consume more food per second
  • Fixed: Solar Panels can no longer be rotated
  • Fixed: Enemies getting stuck on farms
  • Fixed: Enemies getting stuck in cliffs
  • Fixed: Enemies starting to burn too quickly when they fall in lava
  • Fixed: Overlapping the influence of Green Houses, Mining Camps, and Community Centres no longer provides more resource yield.

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Version Alpha 7 May 29, 2019

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