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anger foot is a lightning fast hard bass blast of kicking down doors and kicking ass


  • Press E to kick
  • Left click to shoot
  • Right click to throw
  • ESC to change settings


Made on a farm as a 7DFPS entry by Robbie FraserLuc Wolthers and Jason Sutherland of FREE LIVES.


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Anger Foot Windows 020721.zip 184 MB
Anger Foot OSX 020721.zip (UNTESTED) 185 MB
Anger Foot Linux 020721.zip (UNTESTED) 190 MB

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Actually one of the most fun games I have played on itch.io, looking forward to more updates and hopefully an ammo system of some sort.


where can i buy a SLIME FUCKER poster i really need this please


That's a great idea - I'll pass it on to the team. 

Tried out the updated version of ANGER FOOT!

YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH BOI! This was heaps awesome. Took a little to get the hang of, but once I got into it, it's heaps of fun, lol. Are you planning on doing more with it?

Heaps of fun = good! Yes the team is working on new things.

moar updates! >:D

New things are being worked on .....

man i love this thing my fav game at the moment

Thanks for playing :) 

Hmm, I only just got this game yesterday and played it today, and I really enjoy it. (it's hard)

Glad you're having a good time playing! 

dude how do I launch it on mac

Just be aware that the Mac version is untested at this point

In this game, you invade houseparties of people who like to do fortnite dances

lol I think they play fortnite.

Man, this game was a lot of fun to play! Can't wait to see what else you'll come up with! :)


Fun = good ! Thanks for playing

Very fun game, still a little robust but good overall

We'll take the compliments ;) Thank you 

LOVIN it! Im 1 who tested it on Mac - looks great but need to add quality/resolution controls to be able to smoothen the frame rate, they keep dropping — with a game this fast, get knocked out too easily. It’s FRESH & KIckIN’

Ooh found it, just Esc while playin.. just.. had to find the tiptoe of the toenail to get the slider to activate, maybe widen the hotzone yo! GHETTO ACTION

Thanks for the suggestions. Glad you're having a good time with it.

i played the game on linux it ran smoothly no bugs at the moment it was fun.

Thanks for letting us know :) 

Linux version displays the big foot on the screen for the cursor and then core dumps immediately.

OS: Linux Mint 20.2

Kernel: 5.4.0-77-generic

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dont run it from the itch go to the file directory and run it from there

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That's exactly what I'm doing. I execute the "Anger Foot.x86_64" file right from directory or through the terminal which actually gives me output and that's how I know it's core dumping.

Edit: I figured it out. There was some cruft left behind from another extracted file in the parent directory. My bad! Game is awesome!

Glad you got it sorted - thanks for playing :) 

ohh its great as long as u found the problem


You are !

This game was so fun! I love it! Its so fast paced and loud lol. You feel like your in a action movie. Also the music is great! 10/10

Glad you enjoyed it - thanks for the kind words and the Youtube upload :) 

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This game is HILARIOUS and I'm really happy my video shows that <3 


I played this a whbile back, and wow you really made it better. The few complaints i have are the uzi not having a satisfaying sound and the last level of narcotomi tower is a bit too hard. Especially considering you introduce a new enemy in it. Also i prefferd the lightning before. 

The controls are nice, the fact that the kick animation changes dependig on what your doing is a nice touch. The shotgun is epic and the uzi really fits. The music slaps even more than before. Am still waiting on the story tho.

Thanks for your suggestions - glad you enjoyed the update. 

YO, who made the music? cuz is D O P E 

There is any chance to find it on Soundcloud, YouTube or Spotify

Thanks - I'll pass on the compliments - the team is working on a full EP :)

The One Swat Team Is Back!!! 

Loved The Big Update, New Guns, New Baddies, New Music!!! Everything I Could've Asked For!!! 

Thanks for the upload - glad you loved it as much as we do :) 

great game,

Puts Doom Eternal to Shame

Big words - thanks for the upload

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So i've finished the last version of this great game and now i have a couple of things to notice. First of all, THANK YOU for making this awesome game. I'm a big fan of this genre. The visuals are great, the gameplay is fine but///

|Adding the feet only category is a simple yet brilliant idea that actually made me to write this essay about game problems|

(1) The design of some levels shows that devs were not actually making "anger foot" possible to play like this:

 |The game becomes unreasonably harder|

The best examples are 1*3 and 3*3 levels(actually there is bit more but they are not that critical. )

1*3 : the corridor with two UZIs gives you no chances. You have either good time or no weapons run.

 Trying to make both leads to praying for luck timing or bad shots of goos. There are also no objects to "throw" at them (the ones that stand next to the wall can't be thrown because they are to heavy, boxes can be destroyed by kick, so they won't help to). Something like chair or a box in the middle of room. Or why can't i just kick a light bulb at them?

3*3: Starting with pistol is the indicator of "no foot theory". The only chance here is to either run behind the 

first door in front of you, waiting for bad guys, or using kind of "feature"\bug (Goos won't shoot at you until you look at them, just walk backwards to one of them and do 360)

-"but you always can stop for a sec and wait for them to come closer. be smart!"

-"no way fag, i hate every second of my life stayin' still and not beating shit out of them"

(2) lock on\lock off and lucky shots

When you appear in front of Purple hoody enemy, you have about a second before the first shot, so you can run towards and kick him or try to doge. If you hide behind the wall just before he shoots, the hoody locks on youand will prefire the MC the next time he see you(you will be hit for the majority of times). It is really annoying especially when there are two or three of them at once(instakill).

(3) |"You say that you've passed the level using only legs, then why you holdin' a gun?"|

(not a big problem actually but still can cause a missclick and fail try)

(4) You can forget about everything that I wrote above, but please make a medal for time. Then i'll be happy.


1. I treid beating 1-3 weaponless to see what you mean about that corridor. I first tried it, first i made myself visble to them and then hid in the room i came from once they came close enough i killed them.

2. The 3-3 start is not hard foot only, you don't know how to doge. I don't know if it' a bug but if you walk in a curved line the goons will rarley hit you.

You can't complain about how hard it was foot only, you knew what you were getting into if you finished the game normally.

 I suppose, you didn't understand the main point of my comment about 1*3. 

>i made myself visble to them and then hid in the room

 i came from once they came close enough i killed them.

waiting for enemies is the worst style of playing Beat'em'up games. The best results can be

achieved only by playing aggressively. So i did it, I didn't bait them and stand still. 

I attacked until at one point I got to them faster than I was shot. I did it because 

I doesn't want to lose time. the problem 1*3 is that in a room with an UZI, when attacking,

you should only hope for luck, there is no trick that would require skill

and give you the opportunity to run through the room. 

("the corridor with two UZIs gives you no chances. You have either good time or no weapons run.")- that's what i mean.

>you don't know how to doge

I replayed 3*3 and i would like to admit that strafes make run more stable,

but the element of chance is still enough to die instantly. The 100% stable way is running backwards

Well my point kinda was the foot only mode isn't meant to be fun. It's more an extra challenge but i get what you mean.

It is the best game i ever played on Itch.
I found it a few months ago, since then i always come back to it. It's amazing to see a game improve this much in a short time. The graphics is much detailed now, and it runs better on my laptop. I always tried to kick the props in the older versions but nothing happened. Now i'm happy to see that almost all of the props are breakable. I love it's style, and the characters also look fantastic. The new gun animations are very satisfying, and i really like the new mission map too. The new enemies are suprised me. Maybe they are a little annoying, but cool idea. Can we get a new animation for the gun throwing? :D Like, when i hold the right click to throw it, as long as i don't realase it the gun would have a spinning animation in the character's hand or something like that. It would be amazing. 10/10, definitely worth a try. I can't wait for the full realase. Good job devs, love you :)

Those are big compliments! Thank you for your suggestions :) 

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i can't play the game pls help me

i wish it was free 


It's pay-what-you-want! Feel free to choose $0!

this is so fun to play and the fast pacing is awesome!

Thanks for the comments - glad you had a good time playing :) 

I fought DOORS and the doors fought back!!

I needed this in my life! all of my stress, I kicked in a door and smashed some poor fellow's head in with it. I loved it!!

Glad our game gave you some stress relief - thanks for the video


Took me a while to get around to playing it but I finally did it. Such a huge update from the original build and I love it! The only thing I'd ask for is the ability to pick up the bomb dude's heads when they fall off and be able to throw the bombs but yeah. Great work! :)

Thanks for the love! Fun to see people making speedrunning vids :)

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A Very Enjoyable fast paced FPS


Good Job Devs .

Thanks for the kind words and the Youtube upload :) 


this is a fun game a played this before the big update and this was a massive upgrade

Glad you liked the newer version :) 

I didnt review the game but 9/10 idk what the player hp are at, but beside that its one of the best games ive played in years.

Thanks notBrian122 - That is an amazing compliment.  

Well you have made and amazing and fun game, you should be proud. Hope to see more from you in the future.


This game rules so much. Can you download the soundtrack at all? The music pumps. Although some more track would be nic


Mr Brinks, we are working on a full EP.

That would be amazing!


Hi. I downloaded the Windows zip, then unzipped and I have a folder called 'angry foot data' but when i go inside it i can't find an exe file to run. sorry i'm new to pc gaming. thanks for the help

Hey! the EXE should be in the file containing ANGERFOOT data. Unzip one file up. 


thanks got it working :}


This is AMAZING!!


You are amazing!


btw the linux version works


What a relief! thanks! let us know if you have any errors.


will do

Oh my goodness! This game has changed so much in such a short time. I love the improvements.

Thank you! :) 

:) No problem! A small thing I saw in this version was the timer still continues after pausing. Originally having the ability to pause and keep my time was nice. But if this was intentional that’s completely fine. 


What a game. I've just beaten like 4 levels it was a lot of fun.

Nice work - thanks for playing.


thanks for your work - the graphics really improved a lot which increases the immersion. The last update also increased performance.

Unfortunately, the crosshair is still missing on GNU/Linux and the mouse cursor (the foot) is only seen as flickering vertical stripes (I witnessed it on AMD Ryzen 5 3600 & RX 5700 XT/Navi10 with version 0.6 while on 0.5 it was OK - while on Intel & Nvidia system this problem is not visible even with 0.6, while here the big right speaker falls over on the title screen which does not occur on the AMD system).

Could both, the disappearing of the foot mouse cursor and the crosshair, be connected, as they may be overwritten and thus be most times invisible?

Additionally I find it strange that the big toe is the center - as one could not make a break test with it (e.g. in Taekwon-Do - which was in my mind when first played this game so I associated with the new foot mouse cursor and needed some time to get it how to select with it ;). The center would be more appropriate in my opinion.

Best wishes - and keep up your great work,


Thanks for the suggestions - I'll pass your issues onto the team  

After 6 months later I have Played Anger Foot Again And to my Surprise it has change a lot better animations and new guns to keep the game fresh and overall a good game with every update gets better


Thanks for coming back to us! Glad you liked the improvements. 

Will there be a Soundtrack sometime? I'm addicted to the music at this point

The team is working on a full EP - yup !

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