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anger foot is a lightning fast hard bass blast of kicking down doors and kicking ass

Anger Foot is coming to Steam!

With the help of Devolver Digital, Anger Foot is being developed into a full game that will be availble on Steam (and possibly other platforms).

There's a new demo available on Steam which is basically a shorter but more polished version of the itch prototype but with a boss fight and a few other new things!

We won't be updating the prototype build on itch anymore, but we won't be taking it down either. Thanks for all the support! Wishlist Anger Foot now on Steam!


  • Press E to kick
  • Left click to shoot
  • Right click to throw
  • Press F to drink
  • ESC to change settings


Made on a farm as a 7DFPS entry by Robbie FraserLuc Wolthers, Jem Smith, and Jason Sutherland of FREE LIVES. Join Our Discord: https://discord.gg/UFrJXHvSA6

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(1,020 total ratings)
AuthorsRobbie Fraser, LolthersArt, Jaybooty, hyphenza, Jem Smith
GenreShooter, Action
Tags3D, 7dfps, Fast-Paced, FPS, Singleplayer, Violent


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Anger Foot Windows 180122.zip 406 MB
Anger Foot OSX 180122.zip (UNTESTED) 409 MB
Anger Foot Linux 180122.zip (UNTESTED) 414 MB

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Hard game


Thank you for playing!

I love this game; it's a mix of frenetic and fun elements, reminiscent of both Doom and Hotline Miami. The music complements the experience very well.

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Thank you for the kind words - we love that you love it!
Ps: Gave your upload a like on YT. 

outstandingly yet satisfyingly hard

Thank you for saying so!

really good game, a lot of small details among the madness of "shit city"

The team appreciates the compliments - thank you! 

Wish we have more! Madness and crazy but chill, I believe it will be good on steam now!

Thank you!

This is a pretty fun high octane game! I like how the core combat mechanic of kicking is really fun! Just running and jumping into kick is satisfying and i'm glad that it doesn't take more than 1 hit to kill an enemy and keeps the momentum going. It's just a me problem but I did get a little motion sickness playing all the levels in one sitting but nonetheless really enjoyable!

So you're saying you wouldn't be keen on a VR version? High octane is great description, thank you for playing. 

Moved my Twitch stream, to YouTube. 

Once more.. I really enjoy this game.

Cannot wait for the 2024 release. 

Hopefully all goes as planned.

The team appreciates the upload - thank you! 

Too much hardcore. It's like a first-person of Hotline Miami. You are going to die A LOT. LITERALLY A LOT. If you don't like the unfair, hard, challenging game, this isn't for you. If you are looking for a fast-paced action shooter, try different.

Can you really ever have too much hardcore? 

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I'm a big fan of boomer shooters, and I also love fast-paced shooters.  I've only played first-person games since I was a kid; I grew up playing Doom 1 & 2, Duke Nukem 3D, Hexen, and Wolfenstein3D. Now I'm 30 years old, and I played lots of first-person shooter games, including those similar to this one, but it's too hardcore. Yes, it's too much. A good game doesn't push you to the limits and gives fair challenges to the player. Dodging enemy bullets with 360 degrees is pure luck. This is what I call unfair. This is just annoying.

My bad - when you said hardcore I thought you were referring to the music. Having various difficulties is something the team is looking at for the full game. Thanks for the feedback. 

Try the Demo on Steam, it seems like an all around smoother experience. More linear, quick to figure out paths where you don't get surrounded. 

I'm about an average skill gamer with maybe above average aim (I rarely do very well in PvP games) and play all my games on normal/medium difficulty and still found the demo very fun and not frustrating at all. Levels are so short that you lose at most about 3 minutes of progress, which helps make it not as frustrating and the game's nature gives you that drive to perfect your run anyway, so even if I cleared it, I would try again until I felt I did my best. 

I've only ever seen videos of the Itch prototype, but it's very clear to me that there's level design in this that will slow down the pace and push you into the defensive. The Demo on the other hand is made in a way that three, four good shots can defuse most rooms in few seconds before any of them can fire a shot, either by killing them or kicking/blowing up barrels. And when there's a big horde coming up, there will be an SMG guy placed right before that so you can deal with that. Your forward momentum is almost never hindered.

Kickline Miami

HotKick Yourami

Apologies if this is answered elsewhere - I'm new to itch.

I've just downloaded the OSX build, and was hoping to use my wireless ps4 controller as I usually do. Is this possible for Anger Foot? If so, how?

Cheers :)

The OSX build available on itch.io currently lacks support for controllers. However, I'd like to assure you that our team has plans to incorporate controller support in the full game.

Deleted 32 days ago

Thanks for the stream! The team appreciates the support

doesnt work

Can you tell us more about your setup and what happens when you try? 

it pops up with the logo and then shuts down

I hate those little Ducks, great game



Like love/hate or hate/hate? Thanks for playing :) 

very cool, very difficult!

Thanks for playing :) 

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this game was awesome as frick lol I loved the hypeness and the hilarious dancing I was literally feeling like a god 


Fun upload! Thank you :) 

I drank too much thirst fucker energy drink and got super hyped! Absolutely loved this game, can’t wait for the full thing

pt 2

Thank you for the upload - gave your vid a like on YouTube. 

I appreciate the like!


This make me so mad👿


Good mad or bad mad?

its a so cool game and i love it, i see a huge hotline miami inspiration here right? a thing a lot more speed crazy shit could make this game a true masterpiece when launch

We love that you love it - thanks for playing :) 

Amazing game, sick beat to kick ass too. What more could you want?

Kind words! Thank you for the upload :) 

I have a part 2 that goes up tomorrow at noon. Had to finish this sick ass game


This games is so dope and such a creative masterpiece, I love it!


The team appreciates the kind words - thank you! 


This game is fire


This comment is fire - thank you :) 


Loved the graphics and fast paced style!


watch part 2! 

Gave you a like - the team appreciates the upload - thank you! 


I love this game I want more.

Nice thumbnail - thanks for the upload :) 

You are amazing I wish I had your talent to make an awesome game.

Oh this is a team affair. Many hands and brains - but thank you :) 


fun to play, nice beat, and cool char and environment design, sewer town my beloved

Thanks :) 


literally think about this game all the time loved it cant wait to see the full version

We appreciate the support! Thank you

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this game is heavy-duty kickass up the soundtrack makes you go further, you can also get addicted to the energy drink 

Heavy-duty kickass is a nice combination of words. Thank you!


Very cool

Yes you are. Thanks for the comment. 


fucking nuts! blew my mind haha so much fun and so intense. makes you want to go as fast as you can


You should check out some of the speedruns on YouTube. Some crazy times! 

I'll check it out!

just saw one... goddamn haha i am fucking stunned. no idea what i am watching. this game and speedrunners playing this game...it's just pure art. awesome stuff, guys!


Best Game on the World

You have great taste in games, the team appreciates the compliment - thank you! 

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很好 画质很精致,10/10


hyphenza, are you even the developer of this game?

I wish I was - but alas my skills lie in helping the devs manage their communities. So am I a dev? No. Do I officially work for the dev team - yes!

Alright, good on ya


This game is very good and very creative 10/10

You're awesome for saying that - thank you! 


amazing game, love the music as well d^-^b

Thank you! We can tell that you have great taste in music ..... & games ;) 


.... Bon ici on joue avec les pieds.... et on compte pieds les mettre dans des gueules , jeux dynamic sympa , bonne musique ! Le style graphique est simple mais tres propre, jeu plutot bien qualibré les niveau disponible son tres agreable.

Il faudrait peut etre ajouté du bullet tracing en plus d'un petit dash pour faire un sans faute niveau fun 

Merci pour les suggestions

Pls version 32 bits

I'm afraid for the game to be all that it can be - it needs all of the bits 

PLS PLS PLS I Love this game pls add 32 bit version


This game is amagazing and adictive

This comment is equally as amazing, thank you for the kind words :) 


i fond how to hack just pres `


Facile à comprendre. Les niveaux sont bien pensés et les graphismes sont super pour ce genre de jeu.

Merci de l'avoir dit !


extremely fun and addicting game, Love how unique this game is.

If you've got a Back To The Future poster in your background - than you clearly have great taste. Thanks for the upload. 

Great game!


Thank you Fluffy 

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