ANGERFOOT! First major Update

ANGERFOOT FOREVER! We are so excited to release the first major update on Angerfoot. We have added a huge number of new exciting features and quality of life improvments! Keep your eyes peeled for more ANGERFOOT to come.

Below is a list of new Features to Angerfoot;

Added 5 new levels 

Added 3 new enemies 

Added 2 new weapons 

Added 3 new kicks 

Added 3 new music tracks 

Added many new props, textures and decorations 

Added many new sound effects 

Added progress saving 

Added level select screen 

New lighting and shader system 

New IK animation system 

Music now changes when you enter a new area 

Enemies now dance after killing you 

Added exploding barrels 

Added roaches

 Every key is now kick key


Anger Foot Linux (UNTESTED) 132 MB
Mar 06, 2021
Mar 06, 2021
Anger Foot Windows 128 MB
Mar 06, 2021

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Looks like you had fun! Thank you for the upload :)

Please for the love of GOD, put the soundtrack on spotify or smth


Once the full game is released, things will be done with the soundtrack

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This is The Ultimate Rage Relief Remedy People!

A Crazy great game with, Superb Music choice, and a very Angry Foot! 1000/10   -HardDuckman

Love your thumbnail! Gave you a like on Youtube - you were on 69 views when I clicked over - so that's something. 

Whenever I try to start the game, it just stays as a black screen. I can hear the music, though. Is it loading, am I doing something wrong, or is it not supposed to do that?

I would buy this for $60 if I can play as the dino

Fun suggestion. Thanks

This quickly became one of my favorite games!: 

Thanks for the upload - gave your video a like. People are posting their speedrunning times on our Discord server if that's something you'd be interested in. 

Also saying " The most fun I've ever had " really makes the team feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside - thank you! 

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Gave you a like on Youtube - thank for the upload


I just came here from jacksepticeye's video!!! :

Welcome and grab a download while you're here :) 


who else saw this from jacksepticye?


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M e

He definitely matched the energy - it was a great video.

i haven't had this much in a long time no cap


Thanks for playing - we're glad you had a good time 

Your linux version works exceptionally well, except there's no crosshair? I thought this was normal until I saw youtube videos in the comments with the crosshair in it. Other than that, I absolutely love this game. Super fun to unwind with.

Amazing game! Plays on Linux perfectly with no issues, even on my lowly Celeron N3000 machine (with lowest graphics settings).  Will check out your other linux games too.

will the ost be uploaded to soundcloud?

Awesome and intense game! Congrats!

this is awesome!