Anger Foot is coming to Steam!

Exciting news foot fans! Yesterday Anger Foot was officially announced as an upcoming game with Devolver Digital!

There's a new demo available on Steam too! Please go play the demo and wishlist if you'd like to follow the development. The Steam demo is basically a shorter but more polished version of the itch prototype - with a boss fight and a few other new things!  And don't worry, we won't be taking down the itch build - that'll always be available for free.

Still a lot of work to do before the game is ready for a final release, but we just wanna say a massive thank you to everyone who played the game and supported us on itch. We 100% wouldn't have been able to make this into a full game without the support we've gotten here. Thank you so much! Looking forward to the next chapter!

Much love,

 Anger Foot team

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I normally don't buy day 1 games on Steam, as I usually wait for sales. But I'm totally buying this day 1 for sure! I love this game! Are you planning a "deluxe" edition with a soundtrack and digital artbook? Because that would be freakin' awesome, as I love the music and the art in this game.

Thank you! No deluxe version planned as yet.

I hope there'll be one in the future then! Surely I'm not the only one that wants it, right?


if they make the artbook I buy it right away

Same, it would be awesome!

Why the developer is "Free Live" on Steam ?

Free Lives is our studio.


One of the best games i've ever played, i'll add to wishlist! Don't care how many time takes you to have the full game, i know it will be amazing as always.


The team appreciates the support - thank you!

Will there be a GNU/Linux version or is it now Windows only? If Linux version is still planned, will it also come to GOG?
Unfortunately, the last version on is broken - I have
the last working version on Linux, but the current version
on is not usable at all.
See my comments and bug reports on main
Anger Foot thread.

Don't wanna promise anything until we're completely sure and we've had builds that pass QA. But it's in our plans.


Yeah!! ❤️ I’ll buy it for sure 


What is the estimated price it will have once released on Steam?

No price information yet. When that changes - we'll update everybody asap!


Awesome!! Haven't played the demo yet, but I just read boss fight. That was what I would have wanted to add in the original itch version. Wishing you a successful launch on steam. Good luck!


Thank you for the encouraging words - the team appreciates them! 


actually really cool

Yes you are. 

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Hell yeah so dang excited and can't wait to get the full shoe on both feet and do some kicking of skulls in!!! could you please make a Mac version of the full game please I have been following development and I really would be quite cross if the game only comes out on windows and then can't play the game. 


Thanks so much! Demo is currently Windows only, but a Mac release is planned.

Super excited thanks for the reply!


awesome foot power