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here's my gameplay 


I love this game so  much! is soooooo cool


No your so cool.

I'm confused is this game a simulation of what being in the "trap house" is?

Life is the trap house. ANGERFOOT is the escape. 

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This game was so fun! I can't wait to see where it goes! Any thoughts on making melee weapons obtainable from dead goons? And for much further down the line, maybe consider community maps or maybe even procedural generation. I had a blast. Good luck!

(Edit): Something random, but I think Discord Rich Presence is helpful to get a game out there. If I see one of my friends playing something I don't recognize, I usually take a closer look at it. Just something to consider :)

I had a blast playing this, to say the least! This was an awesome game to play, mechanics and everything. It started crashing about 10 mins in tho, was kind of a bummer, but I still had fun!

My all goons speed run record if anyone is interested in making a little competition out of this game :)


frickin love it :)

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This has great potential. I played it all the way through. It already feels good and that's a big achievement. Some things I'd change:

1) Doors get in the way a little too often. Like, if a door frame has been kicked in front of an unopened door, you have to jump onto the door frame. The frame blocks you. The door frames can be kicked and destroyed, solving this problem, but it might be an idea to have them destroyed at the same time they're kicked the first time.

2) I'd love the ability to pick up any weapon the enemy has used (i.e. including enemy's baseball bats).

3) More kickable things! It's called anger foot after all. Why not position things around the rooms that can be kicked into enemies, not just doors? After all, right now you can't aim a door frame at an enemy, only hope they'll get kicked by it, as they can't be seen behind the door. What if there were objects to aim?

4) More variety in the environments, enemy types, and weapons would of course be welcome.

Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for the feedback.

The things you've mentioned are all good ideas! Most of them we never got to cause of time/technical limitations - but maybe in the future!


Immediately after finishing it, I played through the whole game again.  Buckets of fun, and I would really like to see this expanded upon.

Yay! Me too!


one of the most satisfying games I have played. It's like doom with John Wick haha.


Thanks for playing and making a video! Glad you enjoyed it.

that is so the impressions we are trying to set! 

Nailed it.


not my type of game

Thanks for playing anyway!


Just a quick little thingy. But I really enjoy this game! It is a lot of fun and has quite a bit of replay ability along with it's great restart buttons! Very nice work!

Thanks, great video! 


I loved everything about this!! You could feel the Hotline Miami vibes coming off it and that made it even better, really great job!!

thanks so much man! I am glad you enjoyed it! 

No worries at all!! This was so violently satisfying 😂😂


This game was amazing! I really liked the gameplay and style of it overall it makes you feel like a badass!

Thanks for playing and for making a video!


really fun, fast gameplay! great game!


The music got me stressed :D The game is really cool though, keep imroving it!


The music doesn't really let up :O

Thanks for playing!


Despite being a prototype, I enjoyed a lot playing the game. Can't Wait for the complete version.

Thank you!

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Thanks for the cool video! Glad you had a fun time!


Awesome Game! Thanks Dudes!

Thanks for playing!



whats the song name

hey it’s a currently nameless song by our sound engineer Jason Sutherland.

Will it be uploaded on soundcloud or youtube?

I will probe Jason to see if he is keen to share the soundtrack.

Any update?

help pls T-T I really want to play it


Oh no! Any Mac people able to confirm whether the build works or not?

It currently does not for me. I receive an error that says "

You do not have permission to open the application “Anger”."

this is a known issue that macOS Big Sur users have encountered. Sadly, I'm not sure how to resolve it

macOS Big Sur if fairly new so I would wait and keep checking every week since I am still on macOS Catalina (I don't want to update just yet)

I've been playing fine on a 2012 MacBook pro with 1.5gb graphics card, no worries.

Okay. Build seems fine, I'm guessing this is a permissions/security issue and not unique to Anger Foot?

Played through all five levels. Extremely addicting and satisfying gameplay, great artstyle, and wonderful sound design. I would seriously pay full price for a full-length game like this, since no other game has had such hard-hitting fast-paced action like this since Hotline Miami.

My only complaints are a lack of adjustable video settings (since my crappy laptop could only manage about 20 FPS the whole game and the ability to adjust the resolution or lower graphics would be nice) and weapon variety. This game would greatly benefit from a weapon that requires less accuracy, like a shotgun.

Other than those small issues, this is a very solid game that I'd recommend to anyone. Strong 9/10. Looking forward to seeing if a full-length game comes out at some point, because I'd definitely buy that. :D


thanks! We definitely have to look into performance. Thanks for playing! 


Just finished playing this and had a total blast! This level of polish and solid gamefeel doesn't come often in a jam game. Well done to all involved.

Thanks for the kind words Daniel!


Ah! This is great! Thanks for playing!

This was really fun to play! Fast paced and plays really smoothly. I kind of expected like a boss or survival fight on the last level, but the game is great as it is. Good stuff, looking forward to more projects!

Check out the video and my channel: VladMan

Thank you!


Thanks for playing and taking the time to make a video! So happy you enjoyed it!

Holly moly was this fun! A bit frustrating at times due to getting double tapped by 2 enemies so insta death the second i enter a room but otherwise very fun and enjoyable. The music is also really  suited for it. 10/10

Thanks for playing!

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Are you able to beat my score? :)
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I LOVED THIS GAME! Well done to the devs for this game jam, stunning graphics, brilliant movement/shooting mechanics, awesome fast paced run & gun. Played this on my live-stream below and I managed to get 115/115 dudes!

Aw thank you! Glad you had a good time!

Welcome lads! Really good job, keep up the great work :)

So dope man! Thanks for playing! 

Welcome lads! Really good job, keep up the great work :)


I had a BLAST with this, I can't wait to see what you do next!  I played the game on my channel,  so if you want to see how it went you can click my thumbnail below and it'll take you to my video! 


Thanks for playing! The video is great!


Loved the video! Thanks for the great suggestions.


Great shit.
I like the part where I kicked a dude in the face.

Cool game, reminds me a lot of Rico. The artstyle is very unique though

is this 32-bit :(

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Good fun, reminds me of High Hell. Struggling to play on my pc though, I have a 4k screen but graphics card is struggling. Can we get some options to change resolution and graphics settings?

Goes to show what living on a farm will drive you to.

It was cool when it was just me and the foot.

Hotline miami doesn't really work in 3d without slomo I guess.

Cool music. Wish the plot was "your neighbors play music too loud and ignore your complaints, time to go Falling Down on them!"

Good game

This looks fun as heck boiiiiiiii

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