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Love this game! It gave me nostalgia of the days when I played starcraft I and II. Defending and building, keeping everything balanced, it all feels great! The way new towers, buildings and options are unlocked by playing really feels rewarding too. The only thing I'd say is a shame is the difficulty curve; maybe I need to get gud :P but around the levels when you unlock the missile launcher and the fertilizer I was just stuck. 

Maybe adding different difficulty options?

All in all, phenomenal job! Thanks for the nostalgia :)


this game is absolutely fucking terrible, the second mission glitched and it wouldnt let me get past the "connect 3" part. after that i paused it and tabbed out to find a fix but it froze on me, i tried to close it with the task manager but it blue-screened my computer. DO NOT INSTALL!

rip this game lol

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I dont see the Robbie Fraser answer the comments from the Covid 19 infected on the US.

Plse talk something for we know you healthy. 

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A very good game with a mixed of RTS and tower defense, with some ingenuity defensive concept. Found some bugs, how do I report them?


Is this dead? There has been nothing for over a year now.

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yeah, sadly, checked the discord. The team moved on to other projects like Terra Nil, really hyped for it too!


Well, it could be a nice game....but i would prefer it if i could build and perfect the base WITHOUT time pressure or random bugs .... just let me build my base and defence WITH NO PRESSURE....if it stays like this, it quiet honestly sucks


The tutorial is horrible... however once the game stops ordering you around and forcing you to build where it tells you, its quite good.

If the game gets another update, please stop taking camera control away from the player, and rather than, "Build here." just have a "Does the player have X many of Y buildings. It is really obnoxious to have to build where your told when the game is about efficiency.

Oh and again I can not stress enough, the game is really good once you get past the tutorial stuff.

For some reason I cant build mutiple mines for the qeust in the first mission either the placement is very specific and I just cant get it right or its bugged anyone know what to do?

This game is a hidden masterpiece! Absolutely love the texture and effects graphics along with the highly satisfying gun/turret shot sounds! Thanks to Raptor I found this.

A very honest (and favored) feedback:

Sure a few things could be added strictly for the luxury part of gameplay like extra hotkeys, better info on power storage & usage (I like to connect my guns to whole separate power line network away from the colony, so I would love to be able to see the power info for that specific network)

ONLY ONE PROBLEM - The game freezes and crashes randomly during a mission. Which would be fine if we had the option to save in middle of a mission but right now you have to repeat the whole mission only to have to game crash again, which is why I had to stop playing after reaching some of the tougher missions.

With that one problem solved I think this game would perform extremely well on platforms like Steam and net "big profits" as the Senior Assistant to the Deputy Manager to the Regional Manger likes to ramble about. :)

I have attempted the second level of the campaign a few times now, and for some reason each time I try it when I get to the part where you are meant to build a hospital, but for some reason each time the game has not given me the ability to build it.

I saw a video of some gameplay and thought I'd give it a try.

I downloaded the game, unzipped it to a file on my desktop, and ran the executable.

I start a new campaign, watch the video and the game crashes - consistently, every time.

I then moved the file to my program files, then (x86), but the same result each time.

I couldn't get pastebin to work so I used google docs instead to post the logs:

I'd like to give the game a go, but I need to be able to start it first :(

Any help?

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You don't happen to have a 32 bit x86 system do you?

I have Windows 7.  So, it has the x86 capacity.

Does Second Earth require to run within the x86 directories?  There doesn't seem to be any documentation on the proper way to install the game...unless I am mistaken and I simply missed it.

It's made for a 64 bit system, so x86_64. If your OS is 32bit (x86 and not x86_64) it will not run: it doesn't matter which directory it's on

You can check by right clicking on my computer and going to properties and looking for either 32bit or 64bit

I have a 64-bit system.  The game launches and gets through the opening video, but then crashes after the video ends.

You using Nvidia Optimus by any chance? It looks like it's nvd3d9wrapx.dll which is causing it to crash. This seems to only be installed on systems which use Optimus. I remember a few years back this was causing problems for a few games where it wasn't switching display adapters correctly. And the log shows that the renderer it's trying to use in the Intel one (which is probably not able to run the game). It does complain about not being able to run shaders.

I'm sure you've already tried, but make sure your graphic drivers are up to date. Failing that, see if you can force the nvidia GPU to be always on instead of it having to switch.

Good luck

Thank you for your response.  I just ran the Second Earth.exe file using my Nvidia GPU, but the game still crashed at the same place.  :(

I'm no expert but if you post the latest log I could have a quick look over it. Also could you tell me what GPU you have?

Can you make a wins 32 version? I want to play it.


I'm cheering for this game, I would really love for it to succeed! It's so much fun, but oh so frustrating! And by frustrating I mean wayyy too hard. I know some people love that, but I would really like it if it was possible to choose difficulties. Also it would be cool to see different types of goals! For now, the only goal is to survive the waves after waves of creatures, but it would be cool to see some terraforming levels (with terraforming the area being the goal). I don't know if these should be with or without the attacks of the creatures, but it would be nice to get a break from all the stress! Maybe a few creatures here and there to keep you on your toes would be nice. 

But all in all an amazing game, I absolutely love it!

i LOVE this game... it made me skip a night of sleep... i had to take a day off of work.. it was well worth it.

Already in this Alpha version i see some things which you did much better than was done in any other building games i played.
...maybe you call Alpha... what others would call: `open Beta, thoroughly playtested, bugsplat, polished and nearly finished.`

Other games depend on limitations to make things challenging, whereas this game just seems to have very well designed levels.

The road system is very nicely done (click and drag to change directions.. and.. no errors)

full refund when demolishing... i never realized how much more fun this brings until i experienced it...  stored resources are lost ofcourse... in most cases exactly as you would expect.

I like how you can pause the game, demolish basically everything and then build a different set up... and it feels like this is actually what the game ultimately requires you to do until you are rich enough to build a permanent city which is save from the local inhabitants with only minor maintenance... this game gives a lot of freedom with regards to longer term planning and i like that.

Failing a level makes me want to try again, because it is fun to find a proper strategy (either the clearly hinted strategy, or a different one)

... i saw comments about power malfunction during sandstorms
... after 1 very long day of playing it think that is not a bug... but not sure yet.

Sector A9 is perfect as it is, the map offers various possibilities to beat it (at least, i think it does.. i will find out next weekend :-)

Anyway... i cant wait to play the final version when it is released... these tutorial missions alone are already a better game than some other games in their entirety.

 i guess you don´t need it anymore by now, but if it would help you, i could give more extensive feedback. ... i would rather play than type... but since you shared this game free of charge, the least i can do is show my appreciation.

so here it goes: thank you! i have been playing video games for about 30 years and it is rare to find a game as enjoyable as this one.

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I've just played my first full completion of this game and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I think that you could use say, F1,F2, and F3, to select Infrastructure, Society and economy, and Defence, respectively. And then maybe numbers or letters, to select choices within these sections. eg. t=truck and m=mine. I'm looking forward to more...O j O

Hi. Good day to you 

Robbie Fraser

Did you finish the free mode?

Or anything new updated. Waiting for you. Pls release part to part you finished.

Deleted 255 days ago

Hi Robbie !

Sorry but I think you repeat my post. Today I check all the post on and no thing like that.

Anyway, I found the version you release the 6-11-2020 and has completed 3 event. After all, the game continue without any event. 

Could you release the edit tool for map edit and event maker ?


Great game, good job.

Bug or documentation issue: capacitors don't work during storms? Even when I have sheer amounts of energy in the batteries, immediately after a sand storm begins all my weaponry that requires energy stops functioning, only soldiers from garrisons and mortar towers keep shooting. Shouldn't the capacitors provided energy during storms?

Does the game have a Coop Mode or something like that? If not, here is a Example for u guys <3 Maybe each player is playing against everybody else (like mods in Star Craft 2) Sending Units against the others. Idk why Games are always Singleplayer cuz this is a type of a game that easily could have a Multiplayer or Coop Mode. 

Greetings from Germany


Is the game still in development? Because this game has a huge potential and i cant wait when new content comes. When will the next update come?

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Btw. Will there come shield projectors or something like that?


The project is still being worked on every day. No plans for a new public build on itch atm. Shield domes have already been added!

Cool to hear that! I tried a couple of similar games on Steam, but none was as interesting as this one.

Please add endless mode, or a map editor mode, game is really good that it got me till morning playing.

Thanks for play Sttabers! We're working on this kind of thing.

Maybe add a game mode? 

Can you be more specific about which game mode(s) you would like to see?

maybe a customizable hoard-mode? a sort of freeplay so to speak

Can someone please help,I've recently just started playing second earth and logged back into my game today but noticed it didn't save my progress,it's not giving me the option to save it either anyone having this problem and if so how do I save my progress as don't want to be having to start from the beginning every time I start playing the game thanks

Huh. It should just be saving your campaign progress automatically. I can only guess that something went wrong during that process. If you send me your log file I can look into it. 

Can you paste your logfile here please? ( works well for this)

Mac: ~/Library/Logs/Free Lives/Second Earth/Player.log
Windows: C:\Users\username\AppData\LocalLow\Free Lives\Second Earth\Player.log
Linux: ~/.config/unity3d/Free Lives/Second Earth/Player.log

it looks this page is dead.

But, On Discord, Developers are there.

looks they are busy for something than this game.

They are making and testing

"City building version" with more resource and factories.

But nothing major version released, since Oct.2019.

So, this Oct.2019 ver. is the game at all.

It has been longer than 6 months since you said content would be coming, whats taking you so long?

quick question why dose mission 1 crash the game when i place the garage where it wants me to

@@@@ Tips @@@@

1: it seems, it is good to Build 

a "Round About" at middle of your Base.

2:  if you have enough money, 

better build "Community Center" without Cycling road

( = skipping Tax). 

it has Zero tax, but you can boost workers quickly.

3: Build a Street far from Main Road System, 

then Spam 4+ of Garages on it and connet it to Main Road System.

After you confirmed all 4 karts launched and joined the road system, Remove the roads between Garages and the road system.

it works, Because carts don't need to go back to garages.

You can never have enough money! Glory to humanity!

How did you make this roundabout?

I can confirm number 3.

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I have followed this game in the development process with great awe. I just wonder if it is in a playable state and when it will go full version? Why is this game not released on Steam or GOG? I am sure it will be well recieved and we need a competitor to They are billions!

Another question: do I have to download the game every time it is updated/patched? Or is it done automatically when I start the game?

It's still being worked on, but as far as I can tell from interactions on their Discord, work has progressed substantially from the october version.

You will need to download the game separately for every update. For now.

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Very neat game. Very fleshed out for an alpha. I personally haven't encountered any problems, except maybe needing a save for long missions. I was also a little confounded about how the fertilizer stuff actually synergizes with the other buildings, so I had to experiment with that before understanding how it works. Descriptions are often overlooked by devs, and, although it's no big issue here, it could be improved a little.

One more thing that confused me a little is the waste dumps. I didn't let my hospital and oxygen scrubber fill up, so I don't know if they can get clogged up. However, once you store waste in the dump, it's there to stay. So, once you start with fertilizer, you still rely on having active waste production from buildings; you can't take waste from the dump. This seems very counter-intuitive, although I suspect it has to do with how buildings work. Either way, it's not a big thing, but maybe something worth considering.

Another example of descriptions, now that I'm thinking about it, is the hospital and oxygen scrubbers. It isn't clear to me if it requires a community center to be in its radius, or simply the houses around it. My guess is it's the former, but I'm not sure.

Good point. 

Nearest "Waste Dump Site" should have the Highest Priority for any waste-eat building, Unless Hospital got stuck for its waste.

Hospital and Ox Scrubbers can work on each house 

without Community Center. Because each house is independent objects. You can click on it.

That's good to know! So, it was down to the placement, or maybe the location of an available truck. I suppose a lot about this game is about placement, so it's not really that surprising. Thanks for the clarification.

I played the "Finally a challenge" mission yesterday, and I noticed how relatively quickly my roads would clog up with trucks, because I had so many at that point, and a lot have to go through the same choke points. It's not really a problem, except for the extremely tidy people like me. Do you have any plans to alter or add to the transportation mechanics? You solved the issue with lava transport by having the pipes bridge over roads, which is neat. Or perhaps flying cargo drones are a good (more expensive) alternative?

i am just a fan of this game.

don't have much idea.

A. You can Try to build 

a Roundabout on the mid of your base.

it is worth to try and test for Good traffic.

B. The idea flying drone is cool.

Air Port for a flying drone, 

which fly slow, hav a bit small capacity 

but don't need Road . is cool.

C. i hope Devs continue the development

and come back to this forum.

it looks No news and version up...

 since2019 Oct. i miss you developers...

Ooh haha, sorry. Either way, nice of you to reply.

I, too, would like to see a release for this game!


There's more activity on their Discord. Work has progressed a lot. Also new test builds, like this one:

Thanks, installing Discord now.

Hi. Can not access your link you post. Can you help me see the group chat name. Or better, direct link to new test build ?


it's an awesome game and I really love it.

Sometimes I pressed pause at the last second before the wave begins, then the play button disappeared that I cannot resume to normal.

It just keeps being paused and the only thing I can do is to restart the mission.

Please suggest if there is any solution to my situation.

i never see it.

try press any of ... [Space key, 2 key, 3 key.]


About Wall-Spamming.

it looks Cheaty and Un-Natural.

But, No, Don't need "Construction Time" on each building 

Because, it cost much for a programmer.

[idea] Just give the Game

{a 1 second "Global Cool Down Time" for all buildings}.

and 2 seconds for "Military" buildings. 

So you can't spamm wall.

E.g. if you build 4 length wall, 

you need to wait for 8 (2x4)  seconds

to build a next Military building.

Yay, played at final, (district 9).

idea: Before put the garage,

show the Expectated Route for the new cart.

(and show the Expectated Efficiency for the new mine).

 Latter one, would be easy to implement.

I've finished and enjoyed all the campaigns so far.

Love the art style, the gameplay and the vibe it gives.

Such a great game with so much potential.

After playing it, allow me to express some of the features I wish I could have during my play.


1. A replay of the stage after completing it would be nice, as it's almost impossible to keep an eye on each and every line of defense during the play, it would be great if I could have a replay and see how I did.

2. The use of the fertilizer is a bit underwhelming, I'm sure the buff it provides is justified, it's just I personally don't keen on going for the fertilizer build for my run. I often rather go for another community centre instead.


1. The mission tab bugged sometimes (i.e. it wouldn't complete even I've done what it told me to do). This is rare tho

2. I wish the camera angle could be more flexible

3. The vehicle's AI still have rooms to improve, or another way is to allow the player to set designated route for a particular vehicle

All in all, I love this game. I would definitely recommend anyone who's interested in base development/defense game to try out.

Looking forward for the updates!

Thanks for playing and for the feedback!

When you finish this game?


hi, discovered by chance. would like to give my feedback for now : 


1. I like the story, the way it's told, the starship troopers reminders, the capitalism satyre.

2. graphism match the theme, and the music is simple but effective, sound in general is really nicely done. (may be a little too loud when you are near the shooting)

3. The bugs are cute and sometimes i wish i could keep them as pet. They look awesome when they swarm at you 


1. Love/Hate relationship with the road system. I get all the game revolve around this concept, which is part of the love, but they are extremely tedious to manage. In an advanced future it seems a bit silly to have this one way road system too. Where are the drones for exemple ?

2. Electricity ? Why so many time you have plenty of capacitor full but all of a sudden no electricity available. It's not only weird it's irritating to see your defense line crumble because reason unknown.

3. Power pole. Could use some specific power pole, longer range but less connexion ? because as for roads, for long distance it can really be tedious. And also you can't manage the connexion and sometimes they create extra ones, i like to keep my line clear and it doesn't help.

4. The net worth value of every character is the same (the one you have on hte top right, and those of your coworkers) would be a pretty neat way to tell experience. To allow some "research" or i don't know. 

5. Lack of personnalisation. I would have loved to be able to make a bit of personnalisation/upgrading/research, idk, something than would force you to choose between more firepower or less comsumption or longer range and so on...

All in all excellent game, would give a solid 70/100 may be 80 once the alpha is over and improvement has been made. Continue the good work

Good Evening,

Finished playing through the campaign today and would give the game a solid 6 out of 10. I know the game currently sits in Alpha right now, and there is the content we can not see or access at the moment but would like to give my opinions and see how everyone else feels. 


  1. I like the story of the game, the feel of the map and the controls. I love the "Would you like to know more?" gave a flashback to Starship Troopers. 
  2. Power to humanity keeps coming up when you complete a mission, and defiantly enjoy the vibe that gives to the game. 
  3. The bugs are attractive with a variety of different warriors that you have to adjust your strategy too.  
  4. Clicking on the different NPCs in the area, you can see some different info on them and efficiently helps build a rapport with each one, it sucks when one die because a bug got through your defense. 
  5. A variety of mineral spots located throughout the map gives you a chance to expand and grow your base. Like you are building an actual settlement. 
  6. The buildings do look cool, and there is a lot of movement with some of them, like the Space Port, so they don't just sit there. The NPCs move throughout the farms and mines, so it gives the game life. 


  1. Roads-Hate this system with a passion, kind of wish it was more like Anno, you build the road to the place you need it to, and it will take care of the rest. The game takes place when technology is at its prime and way advance this us, but still, need one-way roads and trucks? 
  2. Resources-Currently only shows minerals for defense and money for civic buildings. I would like to see Food import vs. export type of thing, so I make sure to build enough farms to maintain my current population or need to develop more to expand. 
  3. Power Line Poles- Going back to the roads, feels like this could be cleaner and more organized than what is current, I hate seeing a bunch of wires hanging around, can they go underneath? 
  4. Electricity- There are several ways to produce electricity, but some lake the finesse of an advance civilization. I think the Bio Reactor goes through too much food way to fast; and not one for magma, we have super death ray, but no Magma Reactor? 
  5. Resources Not Consistent-My cash kept jumping around, and I could not figure out why my guys were fed and had enough food but kept jumping around from 250-175-189-200, the same with the minerals. 
  6. Defense structures where cool, I wished the garrison did more, and the people in it were not just regular civilians with their little pistols. Can we recruit some security or military guys to give it a little more of a punch? 
  7. Action-Did feel like a Tower Defense game for a lot of the fighting in the game, think it would be awesome if the creatures did spawn in random different spots, it would force you to make sure your guys were properly defended or maybe actively scanning for their locations. 
  8. Replayability- I like the feel of the game, and where it is going, I love games that I can build what I want and where I want, the freedom is incredible, and the space-age theme this provides is fantastic. Currently, I don't how you could replay the game, though, or how long the current standing would stay fun. Multiplayer would be fun, some corporation vs. corporation, but would need some powerful, aggressive weaponry; maybe a sonar device to lure more creatures to a guys base or security teams to sabotage. The same for single player, building a base and waiting for the spawns of monsters is fun, for about a campaign's worth.  

Anyway, that's just my opinion, again I realize this is Alpha right now, and do like the way the game is going. I appreciate the opportunity to play it and enjoyed what I have got the experience. 

Thank you. 

it looks like a fantastic game i would loooove to play it but im new to linux and im trying install it but it looks like im too noob for this .. is there a step by step guide to install this awsome game plz :( ((i use parrot os currently .. F*** windows10))

Don't know anything about Linux myself. From what I can tell you need to extract the zip and execute the .x86_64 file.

@blackzack You could try installing wine over the top of parrot.
Ave not used linux for a while but wine installs over most linux flavours.

I have downloaded the game and when I start the first mission, I get stuck on the loading screen.

Sorry about this bug!

Can you paste your logfile here please so I can have a look at it? ( works well for this)

Mac: ~/Library/Logs/Free Lives/Second Earth/Player.log Windows: C:\Users\username\AppData\LocalLow\Free Lives\Second Earth\Player.log Linux: ~/.config/unity3d/Free Lives/Second Earth/Player.log

Hi Robbie, love the game! I also have the problem with there not being a continue campaign button at the main menu, any fix for this?

Sorry about that! Definitely a bug with the save file!

Can you paste your logfile here please so I can have a look at it? ( works well for this)

Mac: ~/Library/Logs/Free Lives/Second Earth/Player.log Windows: C:\Users\username\AppData\LocalLow\Free Lives\Second Earth\Player.log Linux: ~/.config/unity3d/Free Lives/Second Earth/Player.log

I have pasted in

Title: Evvo save

I had a look at this but can't see anything obviously wrong :(

+77 power generation, turrets connected, turrets not able to sustain themselves. I'd like to see or know why this is like this, or what "power generation" actually means.


The more power surplus you have - the faster turrets will charge. In your case, it sounds like +77 isn't enough. Also, remember you can store extra power in capacitors between waves.


The capacitors seem to provide instant power recharge for your turrets, basically just an extension of the turrets own battery charge.  You can't rely on your power generators to get you through a wave, need to have the power stored up ahead of time.

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