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Awesome. I love it.

Very good game! I would love if this game had a multiplayer option (LAN).

Отличная игра, очень приятная графика, начинаю проходить.

Great game, but to hard, cant finish any of the 6th levels... :)

This game is sick! Awesome stuff. Loving it. 


 out of range my screen 60hz and game 90hz and i dont know how change it 


Second Earth.exe has stopped working 
please help 

Sorry about this! Gonna release a hotfix (tomorrow probably?) that'll hopefully address this problem.

A new build is live. Let me know if this fixes your issue.

Hi, game does work. But the text is not readable. Everything works, but though playing game when there is isnt any text! Im using Debian 10, with AMD video card. other games works fine so not any issue with drivers i think. 

Hi there! Sorry about the text not rendering, I've had a brief look at it and I think I've found a possible solution. I'll try make a new build tomorrow.

New build is up. I changed something that might have fixed this issue but wasn't able to reproduce it. Let me know if it works!

Great game! 

But I'm having a problem that after a while the game just freezes and won't move again, additionally it gets stuck on screen, so no matter what I can't do anything else, ctrl alt delete will bring up the menu thing (I'm not sure how it's called in english right now, english isn't my native language), but my computer still thinks I'm in the game for some reason, so I can't click on anything there, ultimately I had to restart the whole computer in order to get it unstuck each time, any sort of fix for this problem available, or something?

Thank you in advance!

Hi there! Sorry about the freezing. We'll try look into that - I think one of our co-workers had the same thing.

Thank you for the info, looking towards the future of this game!

Keep up the good work!

New build is up. Please let me know if this still happening.

Still freezes the game and can't get it to "unfreeze" it again, but at the very least, I can close it with ctrl+alt+delete now, so it's an improvement, thanks for the help! (Also sorry for being so late with my reply, I forgot that itchio doesn't show you notifications if you're in the library.)

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I love the game very much! But I have spotted a few weaknesses:

1. (SPOILER ALERT!!!) Adding advertisement garage changed the balance. Now you can create a 4x4 road "circle" surrounded by people houses and up to 13 garages and get tones of money. Enough to buy anything you want.

2. Big bugs are a great idea, but I remember one was stuck on my solar panels. Please check if they are attacking all types of buildings.

3. As it was suggested, map editor would be a perfect idea.

Hope you will improve the game!


Thank you for your feedback! We've got an update we're working on that's reworking a lot of things (hopefully for the better!), that's coming out really soon.

A map editor is on the roadmap!

Pretty Fun so far but haven't been able to go past 1. Game freezes when I click on 2 has happened 3 times after retrying and it didn't save the victory the second time so had to do 1 again after which it crashed. Camera in irregular intervals moves to the right without any input. Your game seems simple enough to be able to port to mobile devices so hopefully you'll get into that after you publish on PC. wishing you all the luck ^-^ 

Absolutely love this game, it's a masterpiece! I am *not* a gamer so this question may sound dumb. I'm having the hardest time getting through Rising Phoenix. No matter how well defended, super profitable society and having an ample energy surplus....only about 20% of my weapons fire. Could this be a potential bug on this level? ....Or am I missing something here

It's possible there's a bug, but I haven't seen that before. Does it happen every time? If not my tip for that level would be to focus on your credits economy so you can afford ore drops and recyclers.

Game feels very smooth for me but still CPU heavy. Is it possible to use the GPU more?

The mortar is making me sad, it fires at a single bug wasting it's ammo when I have a turret that can finish the bug with less resources. Please implement some logic so the mortar stops wasting it's ammo :). Same for other heavy weaponry.

As for roads, please please add option so one road can be build over another road. Like a bridge. I get very frustrated with road layouts. Maybe also a lava bridge :)?

I also noticed bugs ignore everything except the main base. Makes it easy to build your power a bit away from spawn points feels like I'm cheating.

I know it's prob impossible given the budget but online maps or a mapmaker would be a godsend. I played and finished all of the maps. Sad that there are not more maps.

Really love the game, I really think this would be worthy of being a steam title! Keep up the great work guys.

Thanks for the comment - glad you've been having a good time!

  • Mortars: This is by design. The mortars are probably the strongest weapon in the game, so they need some downsides. We want them to be stupid but predictable. Also, players are rewarded for figuring out they should stagger them, or build forward turrets to kill trickles.
  • Bridges: We could maybe do this. Is it so that you can have two separate loops with roads that crossover but don't connect? Lava bridges we probably won't do. It's nice to have an obstacle that you can span with pylons but not roads.
  • Bug navigation: This is partially a technical limitation that we haven't worked around yet. At some point the bugs will be able to path to multiple points. They probably won't go out of their way to target your power though!
  • Map Editor: This is something we have planned. If we do go to Steam, we'd try ship with an editor and workshop integration.

Mortars: "Also, players are rewarded for figuring out they should stagger them, or build forward turrets to kill trickles." I agree that is what I ended up doing in the end. It feels like a bug that's why I reported it. 

Bridges: yes I'd like to have two separate loops that do not connect. Like a tritium loop, lava loop, ore loop, ... Putting multiple trucks on tracks with intersections end up them all following one loop. Or other shenanigans.

Trucks: would it be possible to make the trucks space themselves with an equal distance between each other gradually? It's annoying to have 3 consecutive trucks and only one being able to pick up some ore. Or to not get anything for a while and then everything in one go.

Roads: some feedback on how many trucks I need on a road for good efficiency would be fantastic. It's hard to know at the moment. It feels frustrating combined with how trucks space themselves.

Bug navigation, Map Editor: good to know that's by design and knowing you have more fun stuff planned. Hoping for a steam version. Best of luck!

Bridges: Thanks for the feedback!

Trucks: This is something we've been wondering how to solve. If you have a loop with no branches there's a bit of a timing component to how you place the garages, which I hate. Smarter AI is planned and will help in most other cases. Maybe trucks should recognise when they're in a loop and slow down a little? It'll be tricky to do.

Roads: We're gonna (slowly but surely) add more feedback to the UI. This case is hard to calculate though, so it's likely to always be left up to the player to feel and tweak it out.

Thanks again for playing!


Absolutely loving this game, awesome work

It looks really great. Will you add this game to Steam or any other launcher? 

Not sure of the long term future of the project. But if we keep working on it, yes, we would put it on Steam.

Awesome game :)

Some optimization would be needed, after playing through few map game slows down a lot :(

Thank you!

We have some ideas on how to do this, and will definitely want to get that done before we're done with the game!

system requirments i have DX 10

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I think the game would still run, but might get extremely slow. It makes use of GPU instancing to get so many things on screen, which to my knowledge is only available on DX11, Metal, Vulkan and other newer APIs.


A Endless Mode would be nice!

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If you are playing on the alpha 5 version, here are some cheat codes:

[Tab] - Unlock "gode" Mode

[Shift] + G = Get Ore

[Shift] + P = Auto next wave

Love the game! Share any other admin shizz you find.

With Respect,



A couple you've missed:

[Shift] + E = Spawn enemies

[Shift] + F12 = Hide UI

[Shift] + U = Unlock levels (not sure if this one still works?)

[F3/F4] = Speedup time

Thank you. I am noob compared to you.

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how do I install the unity.dll?

You don't need to install it. After you unzip the file you should be able to run the .exe file (and the game will just run, no installation required)

it give me the error the code execution cannot proceed because unityplayer.dll was not found reinstalling the program may fix this problem

Did you unzip all of the contents of the zip file into the same place, and then run the .exe?


The UnityPlayer.dll should be in the same folder as the Second Earth.exe. I believe that error happens when it's not.

it is one of my new favorite games :)


Please release this game on EA immediately on Steam.

now im really struggling to get my foot on new build. its just like a new game for me :)

I think we'll be changing a few things in the next update, maybe even removing a couple things added last. I think we can improve a lot on the current experience.

I finished all of them now :) except for against all odd

Finally a sci fi game that isnt on ALPHA centauri. Proxima was better anyways.

i keep on telling myself to try this game and i keep forgetting but now i am!

Please add 3440x1440 support

Second Earth - Early Access Review

I'd like to confirm that the Linux a5 works fine. Finished first map, looking forward to more! Thanks for this game!

btw I can still click on the levels but I can't see what I am clicking but when I enter the world everything is clear and I can see but on the main menu is all white in Mac

OH. That narrows things down, thanks! I'll take a look when I get to work tomorrow. Do you mind joining our Discord and sending me a message, so that I can send you a Mac build and see if the menu is fixed?

btw devs did you fix the white problem for MacBooks

Just wanted to say thanks, your game has brought so many such good times. I am kinda addicted and I can't wait to see the next installment.


I just get an file when I download it. what do I have to do now?

Is it a ".zip" file?

If it is a zip file and it is the correct file for your platform (Windows/MacOSX/Linux) then you should be able to extract it and run the .exe file within the extracted folder.

Hi a question for the devs: Are you planning to release an integrated Map Editor or external Map Editor? Would be awesome, since I see there a huge community potential. ^-^ 

We haven't discussed a map editor yet. We do have some internal tools that help with making maps a much easier task, but I imagine we'd still have to do quite a bit of work packaging that into something that saves and loads at runtime, rather than in the Unity editor, and giving it a usable UI. I'm sure we'll chat about it when we're all back together!

I am no professional, but maybe you can serialize a class with a save pattern for each entity (In this case buildings and streets as simplest) and then you could save the object into binarys... ( using System.Runtime.Serialization.Formatters.Binary; )

    class SaveEntitys{Entity[] ListOfEntitys [...]} [Serializable]
    class Entity{public Entity(obj object, Vector2 position, obj content)} 

Sounded like you haven't thought about it that much, maybe this is a way to go? :3 Maybe you have even already other structures, which leads into the problem, that this "path" of saving won't work... ^-^

A full version of this game would absolutely include a map editor though. 

Any updates for this amazing game? The final challenge has become too easy :/ 

Robbie and Evan are travelling for the next couple of weeks, so updates will be slow until then, especially in terms of gameplay content. I've been working on some optimization and art, but it's not necessarily enough to warrant another update until they're back. I'm happy you've been enjoying it though! :D

i cant download it

it said intergrity fail

Which platform are you trying to download it for? I've been able to download and unzip them all successfully. :/

how can i dowload it 

Are you not able to click the download links at the bottom of the game post?

on my new MacBook when I opened the game it  turned all White except for the bottom left corner 

Oh dear! Thanks for letting us know! We don't develop on Macs, so it's hard for us to test on that platform, but we'll figure something out!

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