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My girlfriend tried the Steam build-- but I thought I'd share her footage (heh) here. :)


Tell her thanks for playing & the upload. We've seen some interesting V-Tuber uploads. 


can't wait for more feet

It's happening!

nice game

Thanks for playing :) 

Lord of the Feet: the Return of Legolas

Take my money

Made another part to this game! The levels really do get crazier lol

Thanks for another great upload! Gave you a like! 

Thank you!


ok Final Part ! 

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The effort and creativity you put in to your uploads is appreciated. Good luck with your channel! 

thank you man!

Very well polished game, it would be awesome if you developed the storyline more

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The storyline is developing as we speak! Thank you for the positive feedback :) 

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loved it, just wish it had v-sync and more development

Go check out the new more polished demo version on Steam or GOG :) 


Part 2 Of Anger Foot Think Im Addicted (part 3 the finale lol)

That hip crack sounded serious - hope you're okay ;) Thanks for all the effort with the upload! Gave you a like.


lol is good and i am rus


Good is good - thank you for playing.



Another great upload - thank you :) 


This is one of the best games i've ever played, in fact probably THE best. it was so addicting and fun. i loved how the game kept changing to keep you constantly wanting to see what's next! I would definitely come back with the milk for this game.

Thank you - we needed more milk. 

gme wouldnt downloae, error 242 bad vent

Have you tried using the itch app: ?


This Game is One Of The Most FUN games I've played In A While!! GREAT JOB (part 1 )

Love the effort you put into that! Thank you for the upload - liked your video on YouTube

thank you man! 


This Game is GREAT!!!
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Didn't pay your rent - now you're a thumbnail. Great upload - gave it a like on YouTube.

thank you lol

Always wanted to catch an Anger Foot Dev stream live? You can today (13th July 2022) at 15:00 SAST


Absolutely loved this game! I had such a huge amount of fun playing this! Would highly recommend for people who like fighter/shooter type games!

Thanks for the upload Alex, gave you a like on YouTube.



This is the Future!!

Thank you for the upload - gave your video a like on YouTube


This game will make you feel like a Badass

This comment makes us feel pretty badass - thank you! Gave your video a thumbs up on YouTube.

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its so lagging for Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU       M 520  @ 2.40GHz   2.40 GHz

Ram: 4,00 GB (3,80 GB usable)

Windows 10 pro

so i cant play it

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Sorry to hear that. I hope your future is filled with more Ram. 

windows 10 alone requires 4gb of ram. nothing left for games. 

Your cpu is 12 yrs old with only 2 cores/4 threads, with the bare minimum amount of ram needed for win10. 

You honestly shouldn't ever complain about a game not playing, nor should you expect any games to play on that machine. Just be thankful when a game does play. 


its now also on GOG. big thanks to the devs. gonna be a instabuy day one!


Thank you for the support


I keep coming back to your page to see if there have been any updates, can't wait for your steam release! Awesome game :)


Thank you for the support. Essentially the Steam demo is the latest "update".

Is it the same as the one currently available on here?

It's shorter/more polished & some new things to have fun with.



Thanks for the continued support! Gave your new upload a like on the YouTubes.

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Super pumped this game is seeing more and more attention because it's wildly fun. Can't wait for more!! Has the bug for the missing goon / inaccessible room been fixed in any available release yet? It'll give me an excuse to try to beat my previous record:

Love it! There's something about the way this level plays that makes it my favorite, hard to put my finger foot on it.

Thanks for the upload - liked your video on YouTube. No updates to the itch version - but you should give the Steam Demo a try. 


can you add a blood off mode or make the game less violent and a no cuss option thanks I dont swear And I NEVER WILL.


We're always open to suggestions - although I'm not too sure how you make kicking a door into someone's face, less violent.... Running around opening doors politely and handing out hugs sounds like a tricky game to make. 


Hotline miami in 3d is so cool

Thank you


MCA Horror's words:

The fast paste of this game me so hyped I wanted to beat it in one go but my time was short. I will record another gameplay of this game in the future...

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Thanks for the share - gave the video a thumbs up on YouTube. 


I'm very glad for you.

You being glad for us makes us glad too. Thank you :)


Came here to congrat you! 
I played and liked this game about 3-4 months ago and I saw this game on devolver digital’s twitter now. Devolver is a publisher that I really like (I think they are kind of game gourmets and everything they publish is at least above average) and I am glad this game is getting attention it deserves. Congratulations

We love Devolver too! Thanks for the support! 

You can catch the Anger Foot devs streaming live today (22 June 2022) at 15:00 SAST

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as promised we have tested the latest version 0.8 again and can say that it is improved from 0.7 (so it is ok - but not free of bugs).
We were glad to see the announcement for your game on GOG -
and hope that the Linux version will arrive at the same time.
If testing is needed, just put a Linux version on GOG Offline installer
so I can buy it there and test it (unfortunately one does not know
if Linux version is there if it is not mentioned on the product
page ...).
The graphic problems from sewer outlets are still there, which I had reported for 0.7.

These graphics bugs occur with GNU/Linux version on
AMD system (Navi 10 aka Radeon RX 5700 XT) with
Linux 5.11 and Mesa 21.1.3 and also with Linux 5.13 and
Mesa 22.1.1.
Hope this helps - if it has not been fixed yet.
Best wishes,

Thanks for the Screenshots! We appreciate the reports and feedback.

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Just found out about your plans to enhance the game into a full commercial version. This would be great news and i'd surely buy it, if the news just included one important detail: gog.


It is already announced on GOG (as usual GOG starts
with listing only Windows ...):

Well spotted ;) 

As I said before following a game tester on YouTube: “Respect the mighty foot 🦶”


is there be a multiplayer mode?

There isn't at this point - but that definitely sounds like a fun idea. 



running great on linux. even on my hd graphics !


Good to know! Thanks

chromebook chugs this game lol

Its sick to see this game taking off

Agreed! Thank you for the support.

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It's actually really good fun in VR using VorpX.


you can unlock console comments by typing ö

type in panda or leeroy.

so what are we in the game 

We'd love to hear some of your theories :) 

i think it might be a zombie or a mutant or some crackhead

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