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Let it goooo, let it gooooooo!

Great game, I wish there was a potat level xD

Thanks for the upload - what do you imagine a potat level to look like? 

A bit more health c: 

ANGER FOOT | Just call me John Wick - YouTube


The team appreciates the uploads - thank you! 

Game won't stop starting on second monitor. There's no option to get out of fullscreen so its stuck there on my shit monitor and really not incentivized to play more...does anyone have a fix so I can play this in all its glory in HD?

Turning the monitor off didn't work, but when I went into windows display settings i disabled it, anger foot went to my main monitor, then i renabled it and now it launched on my main even on restart....fixed my own issue with just 10 more minutes of troubleshooting woops lol

Thanks for sharing - glad you got it sorted out. 


I had so much fun playing this (steam demo). This will most likely be my first full play through during a stream.

So much action, this game gets you hyped! my ADHD brain was so stimulated. Thank you FREE LIVES

The team appreciates the positive feedback and the YouTube upload! Thank you! Gave your video a thumbs up. 


Great way to release some anger issues! XD 

Thank you for the upload! Gave you a like on YouTube.

Thank you!

So today is a day! Catch the Anger Foot devs trying out their brand new microphones live on at 3pm SAST. ( Wednesday 26th October 2022)

seen a youtuber play this and shit looks fun

fun is good. 

Anger Foot is finally FINISHED!

Thank you for the continued support! 

You’re welcome!

looks real cool insane battles im downloading it now

Let us know what you think :) 

best game


Hello there, I'm a big fan of the game! I truly love playing this game. I actually saw the original when Alpha Beta Gamer played it a year ago on youtube. I was curious, do you have any plans to put up the music from the updated game or the original? There are tracks that I'm dying to have without the sounds of violence XD So might that come in the future?

I can't confirm what tracks yet but what I DO know is that OST things will be happening when the full game is released. The team appreciates the kind words - thank you.


this game is so good.

you just need a beast of a computer to run ot at 60fps.

Thank you :) 

为什么这个NARCOTOMI TOWER的第三关的最后一个怪物找不到


Yo just started playing this game today. And for some reason, I cannot use right-click in the game. Please respond, I would love to explore and progress further in the game. But I'm stuck on a level because I can't use the right click.

Does your right click work normally everywhere else? 





Loved it,10/10

The team appreciates the high score AND the upload - thank you! 

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People with ADHD and foot fetish will love this game, for sure. This game is insane and the music is fire. I love playing it and the best thing about it is very challenging. Noice game, Hyphenza and the team!

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Thanks for the upload - gave your video a like on YouTube. ( ps: I'm just the messenger that keeps the information flowing : Robbie + Luc + Jem + Jason are the real MVP'S. 


Say "You guys are insane at creating this game and thanks for having an amazing talent to create video games" to Robbie, Luc, Jem, and Jason for me. Please and thanks in advance because I really appreciated the game.


Also, thanks for the like. Much appreciated it.

Guns and kicks are good

Looks like you were having a good time - thanks for the upload! 

The enemies dancing are the best part

I'm not sure if that's a compliment or not ..... We'll take it though. 

that's supposed to be a funny compliment yes, your game is great!


i like the game it's fun 

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Thanks for the upload - gave your video a like on YouTube

why aren't more people playing this

The action has moved over to the Steam demo 


As a fan of Brutal DooM I've really enjoyed playing this game! Thank you!

Thank you for the kind words! 


i tested it on debian linux it works fin

Good to know - thank you! 


That boss was putting up quite a fight but in the end he died and my shoes were alright.


Very Cool Game, Will be buying on Steam, Thanks for this experience, Did a youtube video on This!

Thanks for the multiple uploads! Gave your vid a like on YouTube. 

Thank you so much! I Appreciate it! Great game!


I never thought that this kind of game could have boss fights, but it was actually very good :)


Thank you for another upload! :) 


Great game

Awesome thumbnail - fun upload! Give your vid a like on YouTube.

i wonder what they add next in game!

Lots more information and sneak peaks over on the Free Lives Discord/Twitch/Youtube


Hi guys, I love the concept, and the art - both stylish and hilarious. I wanted to know if you guys plan on including any voice overs for your main character, intro, or tutorials? I'm a VO Talent (run a podcast) and happy to put in some hours in the studio for free if you want. DM if you like. Either way, love Anger Foot as a concept.

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Thank you for the love - I'll pass on your message to the team. Out of curiosity - is there anywhere we can see/hear some previous VO work that you've done? 

My pleasure hyphenza. My work has mainly been for audio books, advertisements, and some small character pieces. I'll be uploading a private portfolio soon, but you'll be able to see the kind of work here:
Hope that gives you some kind of idea. Best of luck to you and the team mates.


I might have overdosed on kicked-in doors, but they kidnapped my shoes so what could I have done?

We love making dreams a reality - thanks for the upload. 


Brazil Gameplay

Obrigado pelo upload - dei um like no seu vídeo no YouTube


Levels really are getting trickier and longer to complete!

Thanks for the upload!

You’re welcome!


soundtrack slaps


You have great taste in music - I can tell....

think you might like Ruby My Dear 


I played this game a few months ago, I really love that now it has a much larger Fanbase and it's coming to steam! I love it, nice work ! 

Welcome back! Thank you for the continued support.


if i never found anger foot i would have stoped playing games but its good i found anger foot 

We love that our game did that for you. The team appreciates the kind words - thank you!

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Thank you for saying that! :) 

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Had to finish the game out and do a second video! The game is so good and the increase in difficulty is perfect! Please bring this game to consoles!

Im sure if there is a demand, that consoles might be a reality further down the line. Thanks for another great upload. 




Perfect Comment/20 


Itch only stores the latest version - someone might have an old version on the Discord ....


this is the best game eve

That is very kind of you to say - thank you! 

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