Sky Farm is a management game about constructing farms on a floating island; and then optimizing your design to produce the highest possible farming output!

It was made in three days for Isolation Jam 2016 at the Kollafoss game residency in Iceland.

Don't forget to download a standalone build if you want a prettier and smoother experience!

Robbie Fraser - Design and programming.

Pavel Savchuk - Art, sound and music.

Jonatan van Hove - Wanted to be in the credits (also totally helped a lot)


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There seems to be a major bug where exiting a level to the main menu doesn't save your score. It does save if you exit completely.

it kinda sucks

Thanks for the feedback. Anything specific you'd like to mention?

This is good game

How do i score it?  I got to 780 on the first map, but nothing happened.  When I exited to the main menu, it didn't count it


I LOVE THIS GAME but there should be a tutorial because I beat level 1 then level 2 then I finally put a path on water and I said OOHHHHH MYYYY GOOOSSSHHHH

Really nice game, good optimization challenge with a cozy pace and nice atmospheric music. Too bad I can't save my score...

I really enjoyed this, I just wish that after unlocking the animals, I had a sense of what I was working to next without going back to the main menu and abandoning my map to see that I needed 750 people to unlock the next level.

Glad you like it! I've done a bit more work on it recently, adding more levels and things. There will at some stage be a proper meta game.

That's awesome!

How do I place a farmer? The cursor is always red, when I try to do this, at all locations?

They can only be placed on existing roads. This is totally not explained anywhere!