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man that was really cool! It was fun.


We had fun with this, not completely sure if were was a better ending but we tried.


Wow! Thanks for playing - I was grinning the whole way through!

is there will be a linux version?

The game has a problem, it doesn't work right on 1280x720 or any other monitor lower than 1920x1080. Since you can't see the text fully and you can't complete the game since you can't see the password. 

Ah sorry about this, the game only works in 16:9. You can't change the aspect ratio but you can change the resolution if you hold shift while opening the executable. Hopefully a lower resolution will fix the issue for your monitor?

Ok, so i have played on my dad's computer since mine was broken. I will finish playing it on my computer.

Was fun.


It set itself up to be more humorous or have a payoff but it didn't. In the end I just watched the screen for seven minutes while boring text scrolled by until I clicked on the internet, answered however many questions, and finally the screen did what I think was supposed to be a jumpscare, and that was it. Not really worth it.


Not really supposed to be scary. What we really wanted was for the computer to be haunted in some inexplicable way that you can't explain to your mom.  We never got round to fully telling that joke (this is a 48 hour game), but I still think it could be funny if we did it right. Thanks for playing!


Nostalgia. Don't listen to the haters.