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i don;t understand how to get the first part done

this game is dope. i played almost all the way through and pressed esc to go and do other stuff, but it exited the game. its pretty fun tho

I got to the first torch, any advice from there? And can you talk about what was your inspiration for this game, I really like the idea of having to analyze every nook and crannies, to get that tiny little edge to progress. The premise of game makes this one of the most memorable games I've played recently.


Do I need to download it to play it? No browser play?

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I can't work it out!

It looks great though.


I worked it out.

Well, I had two plays. The first play I jacked in becuase I couldn't work out what to do and then I read the instructions. The second play I got to the top and that was freakin awesome. My left thumb was hurting from all the jumping. The view was fantastic, a little stomach wrenching in some areas and as for moving along some of those ledges,my stomach was in notches and I winced a couple of times and then I got to the top. wow, that was great DEVS. I won't explain what I saw but either watch the video or play it. Well worth the time to play.

The video is uploading on my channel and when done I will post it here.

Thanks DEVS


Woah! Amazing perseverance! 

Seems like you got a tower that was climbable the whole way except for the final block!  The next version of the game will definitely be easier and more interesting to climb. Also gotta make sure you can get up that final block.

Thanks for playing!

Thanks DEVs but I have to say, it was a lot of fun.

Keep up the great work