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Damn congrats on getting devolver to publish 

Thank you!

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"we wont update the prototype anymore", thats fine by me, but will you offer a full version latest patch after the years or months of the revenue window on steam is over? so i can buy it twice, once to support on steam and once to archive it with the version

This game is epic! Hyped for full release!

Thank you for the support! 

Könnt ihr bitte den Soundtrack veröffentlichen? Das wäre mega zb auf YouTube oder Spotify

Danke 💗

Die Dinge werden zu 100 % passieren, wenn der Soundtrack näher an der Fertigstellung des vollständigen Spiels ist. Danke für das Interesse :)


Hell yeah, congratulations getting published by DD on Steam. That will surely get you more very deserved attention! I'll definitely be buying it.


Best username of the day goes to - RaptorCuddles. Thank you for the support!


Perfect! Thanks for what you do! Great style, action and atmosphere! Everything is very creative! When I advised my friends to play, there was no trailer to quickly show what kind of miracle it was. But I realized that I was a little late.

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I remember playing the first version of this game. I had so much fun and wished it was longer. and today I just found out that the steam page has opened. you cannot imagine how happy I am. I'll get the game as soon as it comes out, keep it up guys!

also the last demo was awesome! ıts so much fun and optimization is very well done. my lowend potato laptop ran ıt 30-40fps, that's awesome!


All great feedback - thank you! 

Why did they change the art style in the steam version :(

I's not super different - just a bit more "polished". What don't you like? 

oh it's not that i don't like it. I'm just wondering why it looked diffrient


First, congratulations to the developers for having their game published by one of the craziest, funniest, and most spectacular publishers of our time, which is Devolver. And second, this new demo is amazing. It's amazing how the game has changed from the first version to the current one, always expanding things and bringing new things. Congratulations to the entire team.


We're all very proud and excited for the future of the game. Thank you for the positive comments! Gave your video a thumbs up on YouTube.

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I really like Anger Foot, but it was a shock that the last version was broken on and not fixed.
Normally is used to get a game in a state
without problematic bugs ...
Additonally, the Steam offering is Windows only.
So will you fix the game on - or at least plan
to offer a GNU/Linux version on GOG?
While there are great games published by Devolver Digital, several ones (especially for GNU/Linux)
are utterly broken (like Disc Room or The Red Strings Club) and requests will stay unanswered.
So shedding light on your plans would be nice.
If a Linux version will be present on GOG, I will sure buy
your game ... and will continue to help to get bugs fixed.

I'll double check with the team but I'm sure Linux and Mac builds will come in time. Out of curiosity, when you say things were broken and not addressed - what exactly are you referring to?   

That's great news - so I hope it will also come to
GOG soon after getting vailable on Steam so we can buy the final version.

Concerning the problems with version 0.8 we could not reproduce them any more.
As it was announced that no future version would come to, we did not report the trouble with 0.8 back.
I looked into it and shortly after release a friend reported
to me that there are extreme graphics problems on
his system (Mint, Intel/Nvidia), while 0.7 ran without
any problem there.
So we have checked it again on his machine and everything workes now ... additionally I have quickly
checked on my AMD machine and it looks good, too.
But as after release of 0.8 it was reported that the blending bug is still there (which I reported fo my AMD
system for 0.7), I will test that on my  machine soon
(but have to play through it - 0.8 ony use the unlocked
shoes of 0.7, not the unlocked regions).
If we find any problem with 0.8, I will report it back.


yoo this game is awesome and the soundtrack is a banger. Speaking of soundtrack, can you release it please?

I'm sure things will happen with the OST once the full game is released :) 

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o i thought this was the full game. It's pretty polished already, but i guess it has to do with stuf like more enemies, more levels, ect. 

i really liked this game BUT there is one problem... every time i run the exe a miner starts (under the name VisualBasicsCommandline in some folder sometimes in my .net framework installs sometimes in a folder called OneDriveUpdate) and gpu usage skyrockets to 100%

so if u DO decide to download this, be careful i dont know if there are rats or stuff in this but my pc is going crazy

I'll pass this on the team and get back to you! Thanks for letting us know. 

Any news to this problem? It seems like a cool game but I won't install anything with malware 

100% nothing from our side, please see Robbie's reply below. 


This is 100% not something that came from us. It sounds like you're PC has been compromised by some kind of malware and it's possible that other executables are infected too. I would run Malware Bytes or something similar and see if you can diagnose it further.


I'm really enjoying Anger Foot. It's fast-paced, fun, challenging and full of silly personality. It also runs very well on my M1 Mac Mini, with the only slowdown occurring in that big misty room full of dinosaur thugs.

I just have a couple of suggestions.
You should be able to shoot around the riot ducks' shields. The first time I encountered them, I naturally shot at their feet, but the bullets bounced off as if I'd aimed at their shields. The shield shouldn't make them completely invincible.
Perhaps grenade blasts should turn those wheels? This would add an extra note of strategy and unpredictability.
I don't know how you'd implement this, but it would be funny and immersive if the music in a given room becomes muffled if the speakers fall on their face. :)
As for future compatibility, does the Mac version use Metal or OpenGL? If it uses Metal, then you have nothing to worry about, but if it uses OpenGL, I would advise converting the Mac version to Metal. Apple hasn't updated OpenGL in Mac OS since 10.11 El Capitan (soon to be eight OS versions ago), and it's only a matter of time before they discontinue it altogether. :(

(By the way, is Floor 3 of Narcotomi Tower glitched? I'm sure I've checked every inch of that level, but I'm still down one kill every time)

Anyway, Anger Foot is really fun, and I'm looking forward to the completed version. :D

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Thanks for the positive feedback and the suggestions. Yes - I'm afraid it's not you, it's us - there is a bug on Floor 3 besides that, it's good to know the game is working well on Mac. 


Only just found this game. Amazing work! This is the most fun I've had in ages!

Check out my vid if you like. Definitely will get back to play some more soon.

Looks like you had fun playing! Gave your upload a like on YouTube - thanks! 


Sooooooooo funnyyyy :)

Glad we could provide lols 

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Thanks for the upload - gave your video a like on YouTube 👍🏻

The saga continues...

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Thank you for another awesome upload 👍🏻

Try checking the stalls!

Oh I'm finnabinna CHECK THEM BOYS!!!


My favorite game. It is so fun because the whole point is just killing, and the ragdoll and particles are just- mwah.

That’s nice of you to notice. Thanks 😊 

Dude You are a genius this game is amaaaazing!!!

NIIIICE !! I'm waiting for the next release!!1

The team appreciates the kind words - thank you 👍🏻 

Hi i'm a mac user and i don't have the blood......

That's interesting! Can you let us know what OS you're on and what Mac you're using? Thanks 


When are next updates coming? 

Nothing official to report as of yet - but cool stuff is being worked on as we speak. 

Thanks for your reply, good man!

Your game has reached quite a following in Split, Croatia! Keep up the marvelous work!

how i play this game?!?!?!?

When you say how do I play? Do you mean " How do I install? Or do you mean how do I actually play - what buttons to push etc .....? 


As a Foot Fetishist myself, I give this game 8 toes up. I may or many not have eaten the other two.


best weird comment yet. 

I try my best. ;{)


Also - beard game on point. Had to give the YouTube vid a like. 

Gotta love beard-bros supporting bear bros. ;{)


We haven't seen too many issues with people launching it - can you tell us more about your setup? Also have you tried the itch app? That seems to work better for tons of people.


wow i loved it

would be amazing if you make a endless mode


We love that you love it! Thanks for the positive feedback 

GREAT GAME ! What do you plan to do with it ? I mean is there a possibility of full, paid game  ?


we are planning a full release with many new features, enemies, and levels. 


Hey, I have a question:The game will be released on mobile devices?

(I just want the game to be on mobile devices) 


We are not planning a mobile release at this time. 


Honestly idk why but in any game where I have the ability to beat the shit out of people, I just have so much fun!

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We're happy to have provided you with an outlet for your emotions. Fun = good


Damn the game is fun, but think about all those other keyboards in the worlds ! I couldn't configure the keyboard and keys, could you add the option ?!

We don't mean to keyboard shame anyone so I'm sure that future versions of the game will have more options. 

This is an insanely fun game and my kids couldn't stop laughing as I kicked door after door.

Thanks for the positive feedback - please be aware that apart from the super fun ultra violence - there are other adult themes in the game. 

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100/10 best game I've played so far, maybe add a bit optimization and some more Slavic hardbass and more guns, this can become a HIT game.

100/10 is a great rating, thank you! More of everything is being worked on at this very second. You can check the Free Lives Discord or Twitch streams for more current happenings. 


Seriously one of the most unique games I've played in a long time. All the elements come together so well to create an experience that's just metal AF and so much fun. Can't wait to see more. 

More is being worked on as we speak. Thanks for the positive feedback ! 



Thanks again for another great upload. " Gimme that Uze-matic" is the hit we never knew we needed. 


Made a video about this game for french viewers. It was fun to play, well-made and dynamic! Keep going, I'd love to see more of this game ! 

Best French V-tuber Anger Foot upload that I've seen thus far - thank you! Gave your video a like. 


The gameplay, visuals, and everything was amazing. This was a very well-made game. Keep up the great work! I'll be glad to make more content on this for sure.

Thanks for the positive words - gave your video a thumbs up on Youtube. 

Got some weapons that could be used in the game, like a tommy gun, maybe a AA- 12 shotgun with small mag or a M1014, I got more Ideas if you want..

Suggestions are always welcome and appreciated

Took me totally by surprise. I've played games with a "kick" mechanic before, but never within such a responsive world with such explosive and visceral action. The ragdolling, destruction, audio design, and dynamic soundtrack are so well integrated. I'll be using this game as an example of how to do a few things incredibly well to surpass your predecessors. I'll be downloading again so I can send you money. And I'm jumping into the discord right now.

This comment has all the things that make a dev team happy. Thank you. Nice to see people noticing all the hard work. 

Game can get really laggy at times! but god damn its addictive! really reminds me of Hotline Miami! the soundtrack just everything is perfect! if this game ever releases as a full game ill definitely buy this 100%!!

A full game is the ultimate goal! Thank you for the positive feedback.

really good game! runs well on my KDE neon (ubuntu linux) laptop (intel uhd620 gpu, 8 core cpu), the game is a bit laggy though but thats probably just my machine. a make the game windowed option would be really good, as i play my games in discord calls and streaming games is kinda weird when its fullscreen, but besides that no complaints!! will deffo play many times. 

Awesome to get more Linux user feedback. Thank you. 

how to reset this game save data?

I'm afraid the save file is in regedit so it's a lil tricky if you don't know your way around. The next versions will have save options. 

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